Surprising Green Screen Photos That Show How Hollywood Actually Works

Special effects have become the holy grail of Hollywood movies; credit has to be given to the advancements made in technology such as the CGI and green screens. Have you ever wondered what it looks like in reality when these films are being made? Trust us, seeing this will change the way you watch movies. So, feed your eyes on these behind-the-scenes photos of Hollywood at its best and enjoy laughing at how bizarre some of the actors look.


For me, I have the feeling that a great number of scenes in the movie Titanic should have had more green scenes than this. From the picture, all that is needed to reenact this scene is to grab a small boat and you are good to go, a huge ocean liner is not really needed. First, “rose” was not so impressed with the space on the door, and yet, this comes up.

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

I’m sorry to say this but I refuse to be swayed into believing that this picture is real. Where is my letter to Hogwarts? Did it get lost when Voldemort destroyed the Ministry of Magic’s records, I thought in my head that the Harry Potter world of wizarding was a real place and I didn’t just get an invite to this other dimension because I obviously lost my letter which I mentioned above.

Game Of Thrones

I will be truthful here, I was hoping for something a little bit scarier and intimidating to have been used as a dragon. I get it, CGI was deployed using a green stick but come on, the dragon should have been accorded more respect, they are huge and terrifying creatures. Grabbing some fabric and wrapping it around a stick and calling it quit makes me feel no serious attempts were made by the production team to make “Clarke Emilia” job easier. Check further to view the ways your favorite animated ’90s film was brought to life.

Beauty And The Beast

Isn’t this sweet, if you have ever felt Emma Watson’s is not a great actor, this photo will most certainly prove you wrong? You can see Dan Stevens walking in a big padded suit and yet, Watson’s facial expression didn’t crack into a smile, she actually danced with him in this suit. The ability she showcased in this movie by keeping a straight face with Stevens deserves an Oscar nomination.

Game Of Thrones

Our sincere appreciation goes to HBO’S big budget that gave us the opportunity to watch the wildlings and Jon climb the wall in season three. There are two things in this series that definitely require a green screen, the wall, and the dragons. It seems a vertical wall was actually made use of, but on a closer look, the ground seems to be around 30 and not 300 feet below.

The Avengers

Mark Ruffalo is the man behind the CGI Hulk; he has also been amazing playing the role of Bruce Banner in The Avengers franchise. Keep in mind that whenever Banner transforms, Ruffalo also gets to transform. How? A quick outfit changes into the now-famous but hidden CGI suit and he is set to take on Chris Hemsworth as he owns him a million buck.

Life Of Pi

What! It dampens one’s feeling to see this, even though we never got fooled and considered the tiger in Life of Pi to be real, but yet, seeing the proof really knocks the icing off the cake. It’s still awesome to see Suraj Sharma floating and acting on water undeterred by the CGI and special effects.

I Am Legend

We all cried while watching this scene and it still hurts, Robert is being attacked by a mutant dog, his dog defends him but unfortunately, the dog got infected in the process. This has to be the most intense and emotional scene in the movie and we all ended up shedding tears. Right now, looking at this bizarre man wearing a green morph suit and playing the role of the infected dog actually makes me feel a whole lot better.

Space Jam

Grab your basketball and duck with CGI and special effects. You just got tuned in to the greatest bust of your childhood! Michael Jordan was actually acting with cartoon characters in this movie, ok, but in reality, he cannot actually do this. But when you think of the kids, their imagination run’s faster than a cheetah and I guess they won’t care any less to know things like this are not real. This proves by the way that MJ is an underrated actor. The next movie is a sequel to an “80s original”, the effects of both films are different.

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

Obviously, if Hollywood doesn’t feature a flying scene, it won’t be an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek. Daniel Radcliffe must have enjoyed pretending to glide and swipe through the air. I figure the experience must have been close to riding some of the coin-operated rides that you will find outside a convenience store but with more machines blowing wind around.

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