Here Are The IQs Of The Smartest US Presidents

There have been many presidents of the United States, but there are some of them who were more intellectually endowed than the rest. Of course, they needed some mental capabilities to outsmart their rivals in the game of politics. But were they able to use the intellect that was bestowed upon them? Come on, let’s check out the smartest of the bunch –

Bill Gates

Bill Gates scores high in this regard. He had an IQ of 159.6 and was considered one of the smartest blokes around. It comes as no wonder that he graduated from Yale Law School. But high IQ is also a sign of infidelity. He had a hanky panky affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

Warren G Harding

He was one of the brightest students from Ohio College. His IQ neared the 140 level, but he was a successful leader who built the economy. He trampled the middle and the poor class so that the rich capitalists could pump in more money.

John F Kennedy

He was another near-genius in office. Even though he was a bit lax on security, he managed to build the reputation of the USA on the world stage. He was an alma mater of Harvard which shows how high his IQ was. His IQ level was a cool 159.8 and it would be safe to say, that he was as smart as Einstein. But his high IQ was also responsible for him being a smooth talker and a womanizer.

Ulysses S Grant

His IQ was near 130 and that is the reason why he wasn’t popular in office, all thanks to his inability to find out scandals right under his nose. But an IQ of 130 is above average, and that is why he was able to score high marks in the US Military Academy. Not only that, his skills got him noticed and that is how he made it to the White House.

James Monroe

The law graduate from the College of William and Mary was another smart bloke. With an IQ of 138.6, he was able to make it to the office and worked tirelessly for the people of the USA. He was a better leader as he was able to reduce the national debt.

George W Bush

George W Bush was more popular for his verbal gaffes and was hence considered quite dumb. But the reality is quite the opposite as he has an IQ of 138.5 and had an MBA from Harvard. Yet, his lack of public speaking skills made him quite the clown.

Andrew Johnson

Another US President with an above-average IQ made it up to 138.9 on the scale. He was born into poverty and made his living as a tailor. However, due to his relatively high IQ, he was self-taught and made his way into the White House on the basis of his sheer talent.

Zachary Taylor

Zachary Taylor was another graduate from the Virginia Military Academy and he also sported an IQ of 138.9. However, he was not smart enough to save himself from getting poisoned by cherries. His gluttony cut short his term at the office.

James Buchanan

The law graduate from Dickinson College was a smart fellow as he had an IQ of 139.8. But he did not understand much on how to deal with the slavery laws. But he was good at heart, so he did the needful at the time. But he was fairly unlucky in love as he was a bachelor for life.

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson was one of the smartest Presidents on this list. He had an IQ of 145, and that is why he went on to lead the nation, despite no formal college degree. He taught himself law by working in an apprenticeship for two years. He also taught his pet parrot, Polly to swear.

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