This Fearless Girl Travels Around The World On Her Bike.

She’s super brave and loves adventure!

Meet Nikki Misurelli.

When winter was approaching her hometown in Canada, she had two options: put her bike in storage or go to a warmer place.

The choice wasn’t hard: she decided to travel.

This idea hadn’t come out of the blue. Years before she had talked with her boyfriend about going a trip on their bikes around South America.

Nevertheless her boyfriend said he thought that that kind of trip should be a “guy” trip.

By 2015, she had broken up with her boyfriend but the idea of the trip never left her mind.

So she decided to head south…


To be able to afford this trip Misurrelli cashed out her retirement fund and sold all her belongings.

Right after that, she just took her bike and started travelling with out a planned itinerary.

In six months, Nikki visited 9 countries on her bike, travelling 12,000 miles from Alaska to Panama.

After that she decided to head to other continents. She has travelled through countries such as Spain, France, Portugal, Austria, Morrocco and Slovenia.


Nikki has also spent some time in Mexico.

Nikki travels with just the basics.

In her backpack she carries a tarp, a hammock, some cloths, a pair of shoes and her bike tools.

That’s what we call true adventure!


Even if she doesn’t have a lot of money for herself, Misurelli offers her efforts to work in local NGO’s as a volunteer.

So when she is not riding her bike, she is helping build houses, or picks up garbage on the highways.

“My main goal is just to inspire others and see that the world is mostly a beautiful and safe place. We live in such a beautiful place.” said Nikki to Travel and Leisure.

She is truly an amazing inspiration to all people!



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