Takabisha: The Steepest Rollercoaster In The World.

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Takabisha, only for the fearless.

Do you enjoy a good adrenaline rush? Are you fan of amusement parks?

Then you need to go to Takabisha, the steepest rollercoaster in the world.

The only problem is that you would need to travel to Japan to ride it and roll down almost in free fall from over 140 feet.


It is located in the  Fuji-Q HighLand amusement park, near Mount Fuji.

Japanese are pretty extreme!

When we found out that a ride this extreme was built we thought people were exaggerating, but luckily thanks to Instagram we found out they were not kidding. It IS really steep!


Takabisha is so extreme it will make you feel happy you are still alive once you have ridden it.

Your lungs won´t have enough air to scream with all the speed and force this ride will make you feel.

It is one of the craziest rollercoasters in the world, it has many inverted curves, tons of turns and loops. You will want to get off this ride but it will be impossible.

Here are some images and videos that will make you feel a lot of vertigo…




Up, and down, and all around.

Look at all these turns!

All these screams will give you goosebumps.


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폭염특집 타카비샤 2/2 🎢

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You need to be super brave

Check out this guy’s video. We are sure he was saying he was super excited and thrilled to ride this rollercoaster, I mean, he can’t say he was scared specially with those girls behind him.

So he had no other option than to be brave.


Move over picture of yourself leaning next to the tower of Pisa. The new thing is a picture of you eating a rollercoaster!

Something that is also amazing of this ride is the magnificent view of Mount Fuji. It’s something you can’t miss



Monte Fuji, we love you

When you ride Takabisha, right next to Mount Fuji, you can’t miss it beauty and it’s presence.

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Você encararia a montanha russa com a queda mais acentuada do mundo? 🎢 Aos pés do Monte Fuji e a cerca de 100km da capital Tóquio, no Japão, a icônica Takabisha impressiona 🗻 A subida é feita ao ângulo de 90 graus igual a Rockit do Universal Studios em Orlando. Já a queda desafia as leis da física e acontece em um ângulo de 121 graus😵 Quer mais? Antes da queda de 43 metros o carrinho para por alguns instantes até começar a descer bem lentamente🙈 Ao todo, são cerca de 5 segundos, mas que parecem uma verdadeira eternidade ⏳ Tempo suficiente para aproveitar a vista espetacular ou se arrepender totalmente de estar ali💀 Como se não bastasse, a Takabisha possui sete inversões e aceleração de 0 a 100 km/h em apenas 2 segundos 👊 Recordista mundial e reconhecida pelo Guinness, a Takabisha fica no super parque Fuji Q Highland que possui outras seis incríveis montanhas russas🙋 Amazing 📷 by wanderingmark 👏👏👏 . #parquespelomundo #takabisha #fujiqhighland #traveljapan #rollercoaster #montanharussa #visitjapanau #japanrevealed #gotokyo

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We are pretty sure that this amusement park is one of the few that has the best views in the world, with this amazing peak which is over 9000 feet tall.

And in winter, this amusement park is still open and painted in white by the snow. It’s simply beautiful.

Japan has beauty and adrenaline all in one spot. We can’t wait to go!

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