Folks That Should Be Given The Honor of “Totally Nailed It”

While living a normal life, there are a few things around you forcing you to double take, triple take and sometimes, roll your eyes so hard that they never get back to normal. But you won’t be able to stop yourself either because why stop when stumbling upon such instances is inevitable. The best part is you will not be able to decide whether getting face to face with these is a good or a bad thing. You’d just sit in silence for five minutes straight and then give up. But you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Not On The Pocket

The guy who was responsible for printing the Limited Edition on the T-shirt was not bothered about the output. He forgot that the pocket was to be added too.

Tissue Please

The designer of this bathroom needs to know about the basics of pooping because no one can reach the tissues without help.

“Strictly No Access”

This is what happens when you hire a not so smart Engineer for your project work.

Nazi Alert!

Many people choose abstract floor tiles without checking what they would symbolize when put together. Here is an example of what happens.

Forget Privacy

The height of these stalls is not good enough for tall people.

Marking The Steps

Now that’s just convenient. Now I know what they meant for but she can walk on the sidewalk anyways.

Returning After Years

These two brothers returned after years to their car in Pripyat and the result was hilarious.

Ancestoral Relation

This guy went to the museum and found a hand on display that matched his maulded hand.

Recreating Pictures

Father nailing 10-year recreation family photo. Such a adorable family!

Out Of Time

The person who did the art on the coffee was absolutely nailing his job. He was a true artist.

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