10 “before” and “after” braces photos that are sure to make you smile

No one really enjoys getting braces, but they sure are happy they had them. There are plenty of reasons to get them – to correct overbites and underbites, correct jaw position and other disorders, or just to improve appearances. Of course, not everyone can afford braces (those things are expensive!) and crooked teeth are common and nothing to be shamed by. But we have to give props where they’re due. If you’ve ever thought about getting braces (or blamed your parents for having to get them), wait until you see these transformations. They’re just incredible!

After two years

Spending two years wearing those braces is nothing compared to all those years he had his crooked teeth. You can see that sense of relief in the way he smiles now. He looks happier.


When you go through a dental transformation, your teeth aren’t the only things that’ll experience change. You’ll get an instant boost in confidence. This woman’s case is one great example.


Her teeth didn’t stop her from showing her bubbly personality. With her teeth fixed, this woman has even more reason to smile.

Then vs now

Check out this confidence boost. She looks so much more comfortable smiling.

A life goal

His single mother couldn’t afford to get him braces when he was still young. When he finally got a job and insurance, he got his teeth fixed and crossed out one of his life goals. Good for him!

In just 6 months

This transformation didn’t even take a year, but it looks like he had pretty good teeth, to begin with. Still, the “after” photo is just wonderful.

Just beautiful

She was already beautiful before she got the braces. But look at that perfect smile now. It’s no wonder why this woman felt thankful for braces!

A big change

In 16 months, this guy experienced a massive change in the way he looks. As part of the process, he also decided to get a major hair re-do. He looks like a different person!

Just thankful

It’s hard not to feel thankful when you finally get to take off your braces. It’s the day where you can finally smile without crooked teeth or metal wires on your mouth.

A reason to smile

It must have been hard to do public speaking when you’re wearing braces. However, if you compare it with the confidence issues he struggled with before his dental transformation, it’s nothing. He’ll be able to enjoy his perfect smile for a lifetime.

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