Kids Get Their Parents Into Trouble With These Revealing Drawings


Being a parent is difficult. Especially if you have an inquisitive kid who keeps on asking oodles of questions and is very interested in your lives; always around. Well, all kids are inquisitive. These kids doodling whatever they see in the house have shamed their parents for the crimes they do unknowingly. From exposing them for drinking too much wine to ‘cocking’ skills and farting business, these kids have scribbled rude drawings. Some have accidentally shamed their parents by misspelling words while others have revealed too much of reality. While the kids might have had their share of fun and love, their parents are paying a tough price. So much that they basically might be taking careful steps.

Here are some of the interesting revealing drawings the kids came up with.

1. Mommy certainly needs to tone down her drinking habits.
revealing drawings
2. In a pole position and her kids want to be like her. 
3. That one GRAVE mistake
4. Daddy believes in all work and no play. 
5. Well, in the end, family matters. 
6. Mommy loves pillow talk.
7. Mommy loves makeovers. 
8. Now that daddy’s the cook. 
9. This is WEELY FUNNY!
10. And dad does wrestling business. 
11. Oops! That’s a gas leak. 
12. Mom is not into regular soda. 
13. This baby lives in a house of ghosts. 
14. Road rage. Oh, boy!
15. Now that’s a picture-perfect family. Ah, wait!
16. Mommy is an Ellen fan.
18. This one blew us away. 
19. Catastrophic or Cat- astrophic
20. Food for thought.
21. All that daddy asks is a pint of beer. 

Written by Cheryl John

A storyteller with a passion for all that is fun, heartwarming, neat & controversial.