Meet 15 of the Greatest Selfie Addicts Gone Too Far

Here is a list of selfies gone wrong at the right time!

If you are planning to take a selfie right now, make sure you check your surroundings before you do so or else you will most likely end up making a fool out of yourself and being a selfie addict just like these people. Selfies are totally in right now and with the Instagram and Snapchat culture on the top, people tend to post the most awkward pictures online with the most embarrassing backdrop. With these selfies becoming a huge part of the web culture, some people go too far and let people question their dignity, others as well go ahead and risk their lives.

Here are 15 greatest selfie addicts who went too far with their acts.

1. Well, he is just cutting off the price tags from her pants. Nothing else!
2. Respect and loyalty, my boy. 
3. Casually lighting yourself on fire because you love flash, maybe?
4. Because best friends stick together no matter what. 
5. Bathroom selfies should no longer be a thing. 
6. Why doesn’t Instagram ban such pictures?
7. Oh, dear Lord, bless them!
8. We guess he definitely missed the point.
9. Old people. Arghh!!
10. Well, there’s a reason you have kids and this dad will prove it to you. 
11. Oh! And that’s damn funny. 
12. Ah, You killed it, bro. 
14. No… but seriously, she is a genius. 
15. The sad reality. YES!

Written by Cheryl John

A storyteller with a passion for all that is fun, heartwarming, neat & controversial.