Movie Extras Who Completely Ruined Their Scenes

In the world of entertainment, there is a popular saying, “There are no small parts, only small actors.” It holds literally true for every film because the extras who are in these films are responsible for many bloopers ruining the element of perfection in every expensive movie which has been made.

The Spoiler Kid (North By Northwest)

Would the movie’s femme fatale, Eve, really shoot Cary Grant’s, Roger Thornhill? Judging by the kid extra in the back, absolutely. A full five seconds before Eve fires, he plugs his ears in anticipation of the loud bang. Hitch really should’ve known – when you’re working with kids, get it right on the first take.

Frozen Kids? (Everything Must Go)

In one scene, his character meets up with an old high school friend, Delilah, played by Laura Dern. While the two chat, Delilah’s kids are in the background eating snacks. Then, one cut later, they’re frozen in place and stare off into space – and remain that way for the rest of the scene. It’s not only distracting but downright unnerving.

Coach Carter Getting A Simpson Curse (Coach Carter)

When the rest of the school finds out, they respond with the teenage fury you’d imagine… except for one guy. This student, who’s absolutely unmissable, shakes his fist at Carter like he’s Grampa Simpson and threatens that he’ll rue the day he ever crossed him, like some kind of silent film-era villain.

They Can’t Even Walk Straight (Star Wars – A New Hope)

As they enter the room the droids are in, one of the troopers very, very conspicuously bangs his head on the bottom of the blast door. Twenty-seven years later, when George Lucas was remastering the movies for a special edition release, he added a ridiculous “bonk” sound effect to accompany the blow. That’s almost as funny as Jar Jar! Almost.

Go Ghostbusters, Go! (Ghostbusters)

Providing arguably too much support, one extremely noticeable red-headed extra keeps shouting, pumping his fist, and just generally looking like this is the highlight of his life up to that point. Just recently, one internet sleuth uncovered his identity – he was played by Eldo Ray Estes, a makeup artist who went on to win four Emmy Awards for his work on As the World Turns.

Jean Claude Van Damme Dancing In Spandex (Breakin’)

Oh, there’s one other memorable thing. In one dancing scene, a muscle-bound goon in a spandex bodysuit is getting down and dirty. Hang on, he looks familiar… Yep, it’s Jean-Claude Van Damme, as an uncredited extra in one of his first movie roles.

Unintentional Indecent Exposure (Teen Wolf)

At the movie’s climax, Scott’s team wins a pivotal basketball game, and everyone celebrates. One extra celebrated a little too hard, though, as her pants are clearly undone when she leaves the bleachers. She spends the rest of the scene trying desperately, and mostly unsuccessfully, to zip them back up.

The Happy Man (Million Dollar Baby)

Well, except for one dude, who’s the opposite of understated. In one bout, Hilary Swank’s character lands, like, three punches. One extra reacts by celebrating with multiple fist pumps and a completely unsolicited high-five with the guy next to him, in a display that’d be a bit much even for The Price Is Right contestants.

The Creepiest Kid Ever (Back to the Future Part III)


When Doc introduces Marty to his kids, his youngest son Verne gestures with his hand to come close and then points directly at his groin. What’s bizarre isn’t that the kid couldn’t wait until the end of the take to go to the loo, but that they kept it in the movie.

The Gaze For The Camera (Goodfellas)


In Goodfellas, Ray Liotta and Robert De Niro’s characters have a tense psychological stand-off at a diner. It’s only slightly undermined by the guy behind De Niro, who was clearly told not to look at the camera and tries to do anything in the world except that. He only succeeds for some time.


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