Questions That Only Pilots Can Answer

Flying is one experience that you need to have once in a lifetime. However, if you are a regular flyer, then there are other things that you could focus on. Some intriguing things have been known only to pilots because normally, you would not think about these things.

What Citizenship Does A Baby Have Who Is Just Born Onboard?

This is a trick question. People normally do not know which nation does a baby belongs to, if he/she is born on the flight. Does the baby belong to the country, they have left? Or do they belong to the destination the plane is flying to? According to a rule, the baby belongs to the country the plane is flying over. But the parents could also choose the country where the plane would land.

Is It Safe To Land The Plane On Land Or Water?

A regular person would say water. That is because they feel that water would cushion the impact of landing, in case the plane has a landing issue. However, this would be a big blunder for a pilot as the water could tear through the base and break the plane. So pilots would rather prefer to land on land. This would seem crazy to a reader, to land on land.

Can The Doors Of The Plane Be Opened During A Flight?

Of course, that is if you want to be sucked out of the plane with everything that is inside the airplane. After the doors of the plane are closed, the pressure gauges inside the plane make equilibrium of outer and inner air pressure. So the doors cannot be opened at any point. If it is a movie, then their logic could be different as they do not know much about physics.

Is The Waste From Airplane Toilets Dropped Into The Ocean?

The waste in the cockpit, the vomit, the pee, and the poop are stored in a container and not dumped over the seas as it is against the rules. If you want to know why then here is the reason. These things would get frozen at the altitude and would crash down like a meteorite of sorts. It is highly dangerous.

How Is The Cockpit Door Opened?

There is a full locking mechanism of the cockpit door. Normally it is not accessible to the passengers, but they can surely enter the cockpit. Only in the case of an emergency, the flight attendant jab in a secret code to allow somebody inside.

Do Pilots Have A Grooming Code?

They surely have a dress code in place. Since they need to wear an oxygen mask, so they need to shave and they are not allowed to have any piercings. These things could act as obstructions to the mask.

What Should A Pilot Do If The Airplane Stops Working?

In no case can the whole plane stop working. Now that you have heaved a sigh of relief, here are some facts. There are four engines in an aircraft. The smaller ones may have two. In case one blows up, then there is one in reserve. No, both of them cannot and will not blow up at the same time. If this does happen in a one-in-a-million chance, then the pilots are well trained to land the planes to safety. Planes have wings and propellers so they glide.

How Long Does The Oxygen Mask Work?

If you use the full capacity of oxygen, then it could last up to 10 to 15 minutes. However, such a situation is rarely reached.

What Do Pilots Do Inside The Cockpit?

One of them rides the plane and the other pilot sleeps to rejuvenate. They take turns flying the plane. They are just not aware of what’s happening inside the cockpit to the passengers on the outside.

Why Do Planes Circle Before They Land?

It may seem a bit strange and uncomfortable to see a plane circle a few times and land on the driveway. But this is done to check multiple times that there is no obstruction during landing

Can Planes Land Automatically?

Yes, planes nowadays have the equipment to land automatically from a thousand meters in altitude. But the pilots are there to make the necessary adjustments, just in case, it is required.

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