The Shocking Secrets That Are Hidden In Area 51 REVEALED. Find Out What!

‘The truth is out there!’ is a popular saying that can be applied to many situations in our life. Now it is for us to decide whether we want to believe in that truth or not. Aliens really exist and they are not just imaginary living beings whose stories have been cooked up for centuries. Not that is supposed to scare us or anything, but if rumors are to be believed, then the infamous Area 51 has many extraterrestrial secrets in that place, but no one has been lucky enough to know what’s going on inside. Today, we will try to uncover the truth to you, but will you or anybody else believe what we are saying?

It Is An Area For Testing Aircrafts



In 1995, this area was chosen as a site for testing aircraft and observation, but regardless of all that speculation around the US federal property, the government did not acknowledge that Area 51 even existed until 2013. Why do you think that did they hid this area for this long?

Where Is Area 51 Situated?


If you are on a hunt for aliens, then Area 51 is the right place for your adventure. It is situated in the deserts of Nevada, at a distance of 83 miles from Las Vegas. You can find it just beside a dry lake, which is popularly known as Groom Lake.

How Did Area 51 Get Its Name?


The origin of its name is still unknown. But of course, there are numerous conspiracy theories about it. One of them is pretty simple, and maybe that’s why we are not sure that it is true. Allegedly, the name was derived from a grid reference that existed on an atomic energy commission map. Is it possible that this is really the answer, we are not sure, but who knows, it might be?

There’s Lot More Hidden In Area 51


Just like every other secret, this one also doesn’t have boundaries. Area 51 has been growing, and of course, many people believe that is happening because they need more space for alien aircraft. One more time, we don’t know what is actually happening behind closed gates, we can only assume that UFO can actually be found there. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

The Moon Mystery


Brace yourself, people, this one is good! Since the famous 1969, people have been questioning the authenticity of the Moon landing, and some of them even think that the landing was staged at Area 51. So, the Moon is actually much closer than we think. Bill Kaysing, the author, believes NASA faked the landing within the base, brainwashed the astronauts, and above all used lunar meteorites from Antarctica to fake moon rocks.

It Has To Do A Lot With Flying


It looks that working at Area 51 comes with a lot of privileges. For example, the way you commute is pretty spectacular, allegedly people who have the honor of working here go to their offices by plane. They board the unmarked aircraft at the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, which takes them to and from an undisclosed location. It sounds like a dream job, right?

How The Secret Came Out?


All Area 51 employees are sworn to secrecy, but some of their former coworkers are opening up about their work in this mysterious place. James Noce, Area 51 veteran, claims that one crash of a secret aircraft was seen by a police officer and a vacationing family, who took pictures of the crash. These pictures were confiscated and James told the family and the officer not to mention the crash to anyone.

You Will Stand Trial If You Enter Area 51


If you have thought that Area 51 is untouchable, think again. In the 1990s, a lawyer Jonathan Turley was approached by workers from Area 51 who claimed that they were getting sick because of exposure to the site’s hazardous materials. Shockingly, the government refused to declassify information about the toxic material, which meant that workers didn’t know what they had been exposed to, and therefore they couldn’t get appropriate medical care.

Beware Of Trespassing In The Area!


As you guessed, Area 51 is heavily guarded, which is somehow normal given the intense nature of its secrecy. Don’t you even think that you can trick the system, and go there unnoticed? Also, there is one important thing you should know. The security is authorized to use deadly force on anyone who tries to sneak onto the property.

Camo Dudes Will Catch You For Breaching The Property


If you are interested to know who has the mighty permission to shoot you when, and if you go to Area 51, we have got an answer. They are called ‘Camo Dudes’ because that’s what they wear when on duty. So, if you see one of them, literally run for your life, and don’t ask any questions! Save yourself! Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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