Things We Were Taught In School That Are Not True

We may not know the world as well as we see it. Straight A’s in school doesn’t matter as somewhere along the way, the things you learned as a kid were nothing but a pile of rubbish. It seems that the whole education system is a big screw-up. They wasted our and your time for nothing. But you need to say all this on their face. Want to know where and how you were fooled? So here are 10 facts that we were taught, but none of was true.

They Say You Can’t Fold A Piece Of Paper In Half More Than 7 Times, But You Can

A Californian student Britney Gallivan challenged this myth and proved it wrong. She folded a long sheet of tissue paper in half, 12 times in the same direction.

George Washington Did Not Have Wooden Teeth

There are actually no studies that prove conclusively that there are more active areas in the brains of people who are creative and artistic as compared to those who prefer Mathematics and Science. Every part of the brain is has a different purpose.

Apart From Liquid, Solid, And Gas, You Can Find Other States Of Matter On Earth

There Is No “Taste Map” On Your Tongue

All dinosaurs Aren’t Extinct

Seagulls, blue jays, hummingbirds, and pigeons are the successors of dinosaurs. They are still flying around all over the city. Steve Brusatte, the author of the book The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs explained, “Today’s birds evolved from dinosaurs, which makes them every bit as much of a dinosaur as T. rex or Triceratops.

Dinosaurs Didn’t Actually Look Like Huge Lizards

Paleontologists have discovered a few well-preserved fossils that prove dinosaurs were covered in fluffy colorful feathers. Steven Spielberg will have to redo the 90s blockbuster, Jurassic Park because of the recent discoveries. 

Brontosaurus Is Really A Dinosaur

For over 100 years, the Brontosaurus wasn’t really considered a dinosaur. In 1879, Paleontologist Othniel Charles Marsh classified it as Apatosaurus, a species of dinosaurs.

The Solar System Could Have 8 Or 13 Planets

Contrary To Popular Belief, Women Weren’t Burned At The Stake For Being Witches

Apparently, no one got burned when the Massachusetts Bay Colony witch scare in 1692. Anyone believed to be a witch was occasionally burned in Europe. In England, most people got hanged. During the Salem Witch trials, 5 men were actually executed. 
At 5 foot 7, Napoleon may be considered somewhat short today. But back in the day, he was of average height. For years, a few folks claimed he was only 5 foot 2, but this was a mistake because of the difference between the French and British measurement systems.

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