The Best Of Weird Shadows Caught On Camera

Remember your favorite game since childhood, making shadow puppets and playing, amusing ourselves all our lives? We bet you do. But sometimes fate lends a generous hand and comes up with some brilliant shapes that may amuse you and make you laugh. The gallery that we have created here is full of shape ranges from sinister outlines of cats looking like devils to a really saucy looking shadow of a couple. Then there are even a couple of dogs who throw a shade of a cat and a horse that almost gives us an illusion as if standing on a shark. The list has it all; all weird shadows that won’t fail to make you laugh.

Here are the pictures that have captured weird shadows perfectly.

1. Everybody wants to be a cat… this dog here too. 

Yes! You can do it!

2. There’s something evil and devilish about this cat. 

Let’s not ignore the great balance act, though.

3. This couple playing here looks no longer innocent to us. 

Woah! Are they unconscious?  

4. A bridge near the Big Ben has some really naughty shadows.

Let’s call them Big Ben’s army of little men.

5. Another dog with an odd feline shadow.

Umm! Who are you? Doggy or Moggy?


6. Spell it out! Yes, spell out what this species is called. The plain pooch has his nature written all over him.

7. The horse clearly looks like he is standing on a shark.

Is it time to bolt, already?

8. A flared skirt becomes a horse or a pony. 

Now, that’s some shade.

9. Aha! Who’s that girl?

Nah! Just a pile of clutter thrown in the house

10. Now that’s a scary shadow there. 

Oh! It’s a shark attack.


11. This cockerel has a pretty shadow.

12. Well, Halloween is almost around the corner and this witchy shadow. WOAH!

13. Road signs throw a sinister shadow on the wall. 

14. Isn’t the fallen leaf makes an amazing giraffe shape?

15. These two men combine to scare us with their Dinosaur shadow.


16. Star Wars fans will easily be able to recognize this weird shadow.

17. NARNIA! Now that is one weird shadow. 

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