Urban Designs That Could Make City Life More Convenient

Living in the big city comes with a host of challenges that aren’t faced by our rural compatriots. Every year new technologies and innovations arise that help out the urban dweller with the unique struggles central to their environment. Through human ingenuity and forward-thinking civil planners, the city of the future is becoming safer and more convenient for everyone who lives and works there. Here are 10 incredible innovations to give you a taste of what the future holds –

Responsive Crosswalks



This crosswalk helps keep drivers and pedestrians alike safe! Special lights that fully illuminate the crosswalk combine with sensors that identify when local weather and driving conditions to provide a danger-free crosswalk experience. With this spectacular design, drivers will always be able to see the pedestrians no matter if it’s raining or late at night!

Self-Washing Roads


Dirt and grime can make it difficult to see the guiding lines that help drivers stay in their lanes and make safe turns. These fantastic little cousins of the sprinkler aim to help eliminate that concern by washing the dust and dirt off the road so drivers can see it. Some developers have suggested that they could also be used to spray a saline solution to deice the roads in winter!

Library In Buses


When you live in the city, there’s a good chance that you use public transportation to get around. After all, who wants to pay those expensive parking rates at the garage?  On the other hand, traveling on a bus can get a little boring unless you bring something to read, and that’s why some coaches are having their own library installed!  You pick it up when you get on the bus and slip it back when it’s your stop.  Never have a boring bus ride again!

Electric Re-Charging Lanes On Highway


As concerns over global warming start leading more drivers to pick up electric vehicles, urban centers are striving to reduce smog and pollution in their city.  The perfect solution comes in the form of the dedicated electric car only lanes that automatically charge your vehicle as you drive.  Drivers will never have to stop for a charge again with this invention.

Slide Transit


Sometimes everyone needs a little more fun in their mall shopping trip, which is why this slide exists!  While you could, of course, take the downward escalator, why would you want to?  Just hop in this slide and enjoy the quick ride to the bottom before heading out to finish your shopping trip at the food court!

Night Light Benches


These LED Benches do double duty as a bright, cheery air to parks and public spaces as well as providing safety by ensuring these areas are well lit.  While they’re not very warm, they do emit enough light to make sure that these benches remain free and clear of snow as well!  Still probably going to want to sit on something, so you don’t get a wet bottom though.

Secure Scooter Stand


Bicyclists aren’t the only ones who need a place to lock up their ride securely!  Children who regularly opt to take their scooter to school rather than ride the bus now have a secure place to lock up their wheels while they get in a long day of learning.  If you’ve ever been concerned that your kid’s scooter is going to get stolen while he’s at school, fret no more!

The Umbrella Locker


Speaking of things that are tricky to store, there’s nothing more annoying than having to wrap up your wet umbrella and carry it into the office.  If only there were a secure place to store them by the door where you could pick them up on the way out!  Now there is!  This innovative little docking bay for umbrellas ensures you’ll be on your way with a twist of the key.

3D Floor Prints


Living in a city can be kind of dreary, especially when you’re riding the subway.  These areas just aren’t known for their aesthetic appeal, but all that could be about to change.  Some areas of the world are using 3D prints to help upgrade the appearance of their floors and make traveling in the subway just a little more pleasant.

Bus Stop Swing


Have you ever found yourself fidgeting impatiently when you’re waiting at the bus stop?  Burn off all that nervous energy by taking a ride on the swings some cities are installing at their stops.  With this creative touch, you’ll be able to enjoy your time waiting as you wait patiently for your bus to arrive, and then you can relax while you ride.

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