12 Hilarious Photos That Prove Being an Instagram Husband Isn’t Easy

An Instagram husband is under a lot more pressure than a regular photographer. Sometimes, he’s called on to pose alongside his wife. Other times, he has to defy the laws of nature in order to find the right angle. But his patience pays off when the photos go viral.  

Who Wants a Piggy Back?

@boyfriends_of_insta / Instagram
When these women wanted the ultimate beach photo taken from above, they asked their men for help. Thankfully, one of them was willing to give the other a piggyback ride to snap a photo at the right angle.  

She Borrows Cars

@ig.husband / Instagram
Nice sports car! Too bad it’s not hers. This lovely gal is just borrowing it long enough to take a cute selfie. But her poor husband is anxiously hoping the owners don’t come back. The clock is ticking, man!  

The Back Breaking Pose

@lifeofsal / Instagram
This husband knows the pain of posing with his wife. He had to hold this position for 3 hours and required bed rest and a back adjustment from a chiropractor. But they got the perfect shot, so it’s all good!  

Cool as a Polar Bear

@j2wo / Instagram
Oh sure! She looks all cool and fresh in this photo in front of the coliseum. Meanwhile, her husband is sweating like a pig while trying to take the shot. “She looks so fresh but it’s 97 degrees…meanwhile, I’m sweating like melting gelato while taking this photo!”  

Annoying Customers

Instagram / @ig.husband
After getting on everybody’s nerves, this adorable insta couple had to promptly pick up a tree and run to the door. “After the third outfit change in the bathroom, the shop employees finally asked us to pick a tree or leave.”  

Instant Abs

@ig.husban / Instagram
There was no way his wife was going to take a selfie to post on Instagram unless her husband was showing a six-pack. “When we started this shoot I was shlubby and overweight. But after hours of flexing to hide my gut, I developed a 6-pack and pecs. Thanks to my wife!” he said. Well, at least, it worked.  

You Climb Walls for Her

@NATEGAWD / Twitter
Being an Instagram husband isn’t easy. Your wife could get you to do some extreme things, like defy gravity and crawl walls like Spider-Man in order to get the perfect angle when taking a photo of her. Well, you know what they say. Happy wife, happy life!  

A Slithering Situation

@ig.husband / Instagram
She takes you out to a wheat field in the middle of nowhere and assures you that you won’t run into any poisonous snakes. And yet, you’d swear you saw something moving in the underbrush.  

Her Photoshoots Tempt You

@ig.husband / Instagram
You’re on a diet but she doesn’t care. Your insta wife wants to take a photo of the delicious goodies she ordered and pay homage to the hashtag #foodie. This hubby captioned the photo, “Trying really hard to not eat the donut.” Ahh! Poor guy! We totally feel his pain!  

The Matching Dogs

@ig.husband / Instagram
Do the dogs match the bedding? That’s what this guy’s wife asked her husband to do. To keep her happy, her hubby, “had to purchase dogs that matched the bedding and her outfit” according to his hilariously real Instagram caption.    

The Other Man

@freckledpixels / Instagram
Instagram husbands have to put up with a lot of things. One of them includes having their wife inviting a pretend husband to dangle a pizza slice over his face.  

Whose Babies Are Those?

@the.becktriplets / Instagram
You get congratulated for being such an amazing dad, except you didn’t realize you had any kids until you looked at your wife’s Instagram. And no. Those babies aren’t hers or his. “I have no idea where she got these babies,” he wrote on the caption.

Written by Camila Villafane

Serial tea drinker. Professional wig snatcher. Content creator and video script writer who may or may not be John Leguizamo’s body double. If you don’t like where you are, move. You’re not a tree.