40 People Who Had the Worst Day of Their Lives


We all have our bad days. But whether we want to admit it or not, most of us get a certain sense of pleasure from seeing someone else having a worst day than we are. So, if you’re having a really bad day, then here are some funny images of other people’s misfortune that will make you glad you’re not them.


MRI Causes Magnetic Mayhem


Holy cow! This is why you never let an intern work the MRI machine… ever! Looks like they turned the machine on just a little too high, and accidentally opened up a black hole that started sucking everything in. It’s also giving us some serious “Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines” vibes.


They Got Stuck on a Roller Coaster


There’s no worse place to get stuck in than when you’re going up a roller coaster. It’s like a “Final Destination 3” scene. These people were already nervous getting on the ride, but after it broke down and they remained seated like this, it’s safe to say they’ll never get on a roller coaster again.


Driver Left a Trail of Chicken


Clearly, the chicken did not cross the road, but a bunch of them did cause a traffic jam after they fell off a truck. Yup! Pretty much the worst day ever for that driver. Just look at all that poultry wasted! Someone’s losing their job today.


Mother Nature Attacked This Car


Most people have heard of stories of branches falling off and crushing their cars, but they hope they’ll never have to be on the receiving end of Mother Nature’s fury. Unfortunately, for this red car and its owner, they were. But maybe their insurance covered acts of nature.


Angry Hawk Destroyed His Bedroom

The Kansas City Star

You think you’re having a bad day? Be grateful you didn’t have an angry hawk fly through your glass window. It wrecked everything in Drew Arnold’s south Kansas City bedroom. It also took a poop all over the place, and then smiled as it was safely escorted out of the room. It sounds like it’s going to take a lot of work to get that room all nice and clean.


Dog Snacked on Owner’s Passport

Good Housekeeping

Quick! Hide all of the things you don’t want your dog to munch on. You can’t really turn your back on them. They’ll eat through anything from shoes to pillows to sofas and oh, yes, passports. This woman is country bound until she can get a new passport and that doggy has a lot to answer for.


The Road Became an Omelet Disaster


We’ve heard of the saying “you can’t make an omelet without cracking a few eggs.” But aren’t you suppose to crack them over a frying pan? Poor truck driver! Sadly, the loss will probably come out of their pay, too.


Bus Splashes You With Mud Rain


You’re walking down the street, minding your own business on a rainy day when wham! A big old bus passes by at light speed and splashes you with muddy rain water and turns you into something loosely resembling “Swamp Thing.” To add insult to injury, it left a clear silhouette on the wall bordered by mud where you were standing.


The Wine Store That Wined Down


A sales clerk couldn’t wait to end their shift and have a glass of wine. But the screw on the wine shelf broke 15 minutes because the store closed. Hopefully, he managed to find one bottle that was intact. Something tells us he needed it as he cried his way to the unemployment line.


It Was Game Over Before It Started


If you thought you could unwind by playing Minesweeper, think again! After that awful first attempt results in failure, the next thing you should do is click on the X and close the window. Then again, it’s not like you can do any worse than this. But with your luck, you never know.


Shoe Store Has a Serious Sorting Problem


They said that working at a shoe store would be nice and quiet. Then this happened. It looks like a hurricane ripped through the store, and we’d hate to be the poor sap who has to tidy this up before closing time.


Coffee Spilled on Sports Host’s Pants

Houston Chronicle

Former Comcast SportsNet host Jillian Mele needed a nice cup of coffee in the morning to get her day started. But she should have called in sick because on this particular morning, she accidentally spilled her coffee all over her white pants. Luckily, she still had a skirt at her desk.


High Heel Got Stuck in a Drain Grill


After you went through all the trouble of picking these gorgeous silver high heeled shoes, it seems like all of your efforts went down the drain when the tip of the heel got stuck on the drain grill. But at least it wasn’t dog poop or bubble gum.


She Got a Ball to the Face

Twenty Two Words

Talk about not seeing it coming! Now she never will. Either her eyeglasses broke when the ball hit her face, or they broke when she lost consciousness and fell to the ground. Perhaps someone should have explained the rules of dodgeball to her before starting the game.


The Toilet Seat Was Too Small


This person learned the hard way that all toilet seats aren’t designed to fit every toilet. Maybe the owners should have ignored the salesperson who told them that toilet seats came in standard sizes and taken measurements of the toilet bowl first.


They Left Their Tablet Out in the Rain

Crafty Diply

This tablet owner was undoubtedly struggling to figure out where their tablet was all night. Then they walked out to their car the next morning and realized they had left the device on top of their car. Luckily, no one stole it, but the bad news is that it rained all night and it was probably damaged beyond repair.


The Keys Were Left Inside Armored Truck

Bored Panda

Armored trucks are supposed to keep money safe. Well, this truck just got a little safer after the driver left the keys inside and locked up. At least the armored truck is doing its job. Maybe the driver should consider sticking a hide-a-key under the rear bumper assuming there is a next time.


Their Basement Became a Skating Rink


These homeowners forgot to prepare their home for winter. As a result, their basement was flooded with water, which eventually became frozen. But sometimes you have to look at life with a bit of optimism. At least now these folks have their own private ice skating rink.


Mirror Breaks Mr. X’s Anonymity

Bored Panda

They had one job, which was to keep Mr. X’s identity protected. But censoring his face doesn’t do squat if the guy is sitting next to a mirror. When the newspaper posted the photo, it revealed the guy’s face. They could have written a retraction that said, “pay no attention to the man in the mirror,” but it was probably too late.


The Help Sign Illiterates Will Never Read


If you don’t like answering phones, then you should work at this place. The phones will never ring because someone posted a help sign for illiterates to call to learn how to read. But to an illiterate person, this sign might as well be written in Polish for all the good it’s going to do them.


Two Brothers Awarded Different Lottery Amounts

Bored Panda

These two brothers won the Florida Power Ball. As you can see, James Stocklas is super rich. Unfortunately, his brother Bob only got $7. Hopefully, the brother with the biggest jackpot shared half of his winnings. Let this be a lesson to everyone to be nicer to their siblings.


Kis Hose Coast Guard Into the Water


These kids were out with the coast guard to learn about how cool of a career it was. But during a demonstration, one of the kids aimed the fire hose right at one of the coast guards. The poor guy was close to the edge of the dock and he ended up falling backwards towards the water.


The Lion Arm Tattoo Looks Childish


After countless hours of brainstorming, you decided to get a lion tattoo. Too bad you didn’t spend a little more time looking at reviews of the tattoo artists in your area on Yelp! This just looks like it was done by a child. Guess it’s true what they say. Realism is dead.


The Fan Who Got his Woody’s Mixed Up

Bored Panda

A man named Josh went to get his book signed by the author, but mistook Woody Harrelson for Woody Allen. Clearly, Harrelson doesn’t get that very often. So, he clarified who he really was. And besides, the book wasn’t even written by Woody Allen. The author’s last name was Picador, so it was a double disappointment.


Potty Training Is Not Meant for Kitties


This cat owner was trying to potty train their cat so that their house would end up being cleaner. But the owner and their cat failed to pass this test. Maybe they should have just stuck with tradition and gotten their kitty a litter box. There’s a reason why that’s worked so well all these years.


This Guy Lost a Hand Opening the Fridge


This guy had a prosthetic arm that made him look like a modern day “Six Million Dollar Man.” But he soon discovered that technology isn’t always reliable when he went to open the fridge and his arm detached from his hand unit. Fortunately, he still had his other hand.


Newlyweds Pose in Front on Burning Car

Bored Panda

This couple had just gotten married, but they didn’t start off very well. Their car had exploded on the highway. But at least they weren’t hurt, and they seem to have a great sense of humor about it, at least the bride does anyway. But this will definitely make a great anniversary story to torment the kids.


Some Kids Never Move Out


One day you’re saying goodbye to your kids as they head off to college to declare their independence. But then you get a Happy Mother’s Day card like this and you realize that kids are like boomerangs. Just when you think you’ve gotten rid of them, they come back.


Guy Locks Their Bike to Someone Else’s

Bored Panda

This person left a nice note for a fellow bike rider who accidentally locked his bike with theirs and left them stranded. So, they left them their number in the hopes that they would call soon and remedy the situation. If all else fails, a taxi or public transportation is a great alternative.


Not All Cars Drive Well at the Beach


This vehicle owner should have rented an MVP to ride on the sandy shores of the beach. Unfortunately, their sports car didn’t do so well and got stuck in the sand. On the bright side, this photo makes a beautiful new wallpaper for their PC, don’t you think?


They Left Their Passport in the Bathroom


They went to use the bathroom at the airport and left their passport on the railing inside one of the stalls. They went nuts looking for the passport and the tickets, but by the time they found them, the flight had already left two hours earlier. So, next time you travel, leave your passport and tickets in your carry-on.


They Encountered a Fork in the Road

Bored Panda

This person was headed somewhere just like everyone else does every morning. But then they drove over something. When they got to the mechanic, they discovered that a fork had punctured one of their tires. And to literally add insult to injury, the fork was flipping the driver the bird.


The Ferry Boat Tipped Over


This poor guy on the dock was having a bad day. He was probably calling his insurance provider to see if they covered a ferry boat tipping over, causing some of the cars to fall into the bay. And we’re fairly certain this guy’s boss wasn’t going to be happy either. But at least, there was no one onboard the cars when this happened.


They Spilled Paint All Over the Road

Bored Panda

These poor workers. It looks like they were about to paint the outside of this person’s apartment when the bucket of paints spilled all over the road. You can almost hear the thoughts of these workers as they try to figure out how to clean this up and deciding who they’re going to blame.


Journalist Has a Splashing Bad Time


This sports reporter was having a blast interviewing a Red Sox baseball player, but boy was she in the wrong place at the wrong time. She ended up getting a face full of Gatorade thrown at her. We bet no one told her in journalism school that life would be this way.


The Snowplow Nicked Their Car


When you live in an area where it snows in the winter, you have to be careful where you park your car. Otherwise, your car might have an unfortunate encounter with a snowplow like this vehicle that got nicked badly. On top of that, the gash probably froze the car’s interior.


This Girl’s Got Walmart on Her Head

This girl decided to bleach her hair and anyone who’s familiar with the process knows that one has to keep the heat in. But unfortunately, she used a grocery plastic bag to do it and she got the Walmart logo and print from the bag transferred onto her hair.


Car Dropped at Mechanic’s Garage


Someone brought this car to their mechanic to have it repaired. But it was in worse shape than it was before, courtesy of a really messed up hydraulic lift. Hopefully, they offered auto body repair services or insurance so the car owner can get their vehicle fixed.


EMTs Thought She Perished in Car Crash

Bored Panda

Sidney Wolfe went dressed up as Carrie, the psychokinetic girl who went to the prom, got pranked and wrecked everything and everyone with her powers. But when Wolfe crashed her car and first responders arrived and saw her with a bloodied face, they all thought she had perished in the accident.


Their Break Turned Into a Croc Encounter


This person decided to go on a 15-minute break at work to cool off from all the daily nonsense. But instead of destressing, they panicked when this crocodile made a surprise appearance outside their break-room window. But can crocodiles break through glass windows?

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