A Russian Baker Makes Cakes That Are So Breathtaking, They Belong In A Freaking Museum

They look so good, no one wants to take a bite!

You only have to go to Renat Agzamov’s Instagram to know he is the happiest person, and that’s probably because this Russian baker makes cakes that are so breathtaking, they belong in a freaking museum. Every one of his creations are such stunning works of arts, we’d feel totally guilty sticking a fork in them!  

Valeri Fountain

This 6.8 ft sculpture isn’t made of stone. It’s completely edible! The water is made of caramel and Poseidon, the mermaids, the fish, tritons, and the seahorses are all made of chocolate. Who knew art could be so delicious?  

Trevi Fountain Cake

We’re sure the architects who constructed the Trevi Fountain in the 1700s would be proud of Agzamov’s culinary recreation. There are no words to describe how many calories must be in that thing.  

Light And Airy

It looks like a complex series of flower decorations, but this beauty’s actually a cake. Agzamov’s creation is a whopping 16.4 ft tall and is both light and airy thanks to the complex multi-layered stand it’s on.  

19.6 Thousand Parts

This cake contains 19.6 thousand parts that Agzamov had to put together and it took a lot of precision and patience. Not to mention the 126,000 petals on the 9,000 delicious flowers that are decorating the sides. Oh, and then there’s the castle’s 712 windows.  

Ain’t It Romantic?

This may be the biggest and most romantic wedding cake we’ve seen. Agzamov really outdid himself by adding transparent caramel bits that are illuminated with a combo of cold and warm lights.  

Just Hanging Around

Agzamov has seemingly broken the laws of baking. Now it seems like he also broke the laws of physics with this crystal cake that looks like a gravity defying 5 ft. chandelier made of caramel. Yummy!  

Moroccan Style

The arches, columns, flowers, ornaments, and even the chocolate figures on this 5.7 ft. Moroccan style cake looks so unreal. It’s not a cake. It’s a dream. A very beautiful dream we couldn’t’ possibly take a bite out of. It’s just too pretty!  

The Swan Cake

Those mesmerizing swans may appear to be made of glass but they’re made out of caramel and edible gold. The birds in the center also dance. It’s an insanely beautiful creation.  

Northern Lights Cake

This incredible beauty looks like the type of cake a Disney princess would order! He captured the eerie glow of the Northern Lights and recreated it in the form of this cake. The transient colors are simply magnificent. We can’t help but stare in awe!  

Zwinger Castle

If Agzamov hasn’t knocked your socks off yet, then he will when you see this edible version of the Zwinger Castle. It’s 22 ft. in length, stands 11.4 ft. tall, and weighs 4 tons. Can we live in it, though?

Written by Camila Villafane

Serial tea drinker. Professional wig snatcher. Content creator and video script writer who may or may not be John Leguizamo’s body double. If you don’t like where you are, move. You’re not a tree.