A Stranger Paid $375 Worth Of Groceries For This Woman. Later On, She Realizes It Was Ludacris

She was in shock to say the least.

Life had not been kind to Atlanta resident Therra Jaramillo. To add insult to emotional injury, the woman was also broke. The woman had been struggling with debt ever since losing her husband to cancer four years ago. But on one fateful day, a kind stranger stepped in to handle her $375 worth of groceries, and it turns out it was none other than Ludacris.  

No Ordinary Day

Twitter / @Therra
It happened back in July 2018. Therra Jaramillo, a struggling writer from Atlanta, walked into a Whole Foods to buy food for herself and her rescue pets after a friend gave her a gift card. She had been dealing with financial issues, but she was about to catch a big break.  

Some Sort Of Mix Up

Twitter / @Therra
In 2014, Therra lost her husband, John Jaramillo, to brain cancer. He had battled his condition for a year and a half. This left Therra emotionally exhausted, which is why she didn’t notice right away that her food items had gotten mixed with the popular singer’s things.  

I Got This

Twitter / @Therra
Cancer had taken her husband away along with her strength and her money. But what happened next left her re-energized. Ludacris proved to her that angels walk among us when he offered to buy her groceries. She was left speechless. Only thing is, Therra thought he was just a kind stranger!  

The Unknown Hero

Twitter / @Therra
Therra didn’t know who he was at first, so she asked for his name and he introduced himself. But regardless of who he was, he had heroically saved her day, and it left her utterly speechless for a split second.  

Blinded By Tears

Twitter / @Therra
She had lost her husband and her best friend, John, but fate had worked its magic and made her cross paths with famous rapper Ludacris, who waited patiently while the cashier finished totaling all the items up.  

They Small Talked

Twitter / @Therra
Therra and Ludacris started talking as if they were good old friends catching up. But she still couldn’t believe that this kind stranger had paid for her groceries, which totaled $375. There aren’t too many strangers who would had such a lovely gesture without expecting anything in return.  

Just A Guy

Twitter / @Therra
When she asked him who he was, he gave her a cryptic response and said, “just a guy.” But clearly, there was more to him than met the eye. Interestingly enough, she might have never met him if her friend hadn’t sent her a gift card to go shopping at Whole Foods.  

Climbing Out Of The Dark

Twitter / @Therra
Therra had struggled to make ends meet over the last few years. Her husband had medical insurance, but his treatments left her financially tapped out. But the rapper’s kindness restored her faith in humanity. Plus, she still had her friends’ gift card.  

Reignited The Light

Twitter / @Therra
Ludacris reignited the spark of light that had gone out after Therra lost her husband and later her mom to Hurricane Katrina. Now all she had were her rescue dogs, cats, and a chicken. But she also had hope for the first time in a long time.  

Paying It Forward

Twitter / @Therra
Therra decided to repay Ludacris by starting a Facebook fundraiser to raise money for his foundation. She wound up raising about $1200, which proved that we all have it within us to be kind and good to each other.

Written by Camila Villafane

Serial tea drinker. Professional wig snatcher. Content creator and video script writer who may or may not be John Leguizamo’s body double. If you don’t like where you are, move. You’re not a tree.