Attention Seeking Woman Barged Into Daughter’s Delivery Room With Police Escort

A lady posted this forum, about the whole incident. The mother of the daughter was furious when she heard the news that she was pregnant and she would have become a grandmother at a young age. The mother asked her daughter to leave the house. The daughter was in her 20s with a stable job and a wonderful partner, whilst her mother had a part-time job with a dishonest and unreliable boyfriend.

The mother sooner or later changed her mind. She quit her job and wanted to take care of the baby post-birth. The daughter wanted her mother to take a full-time job instead. This made the mother upset. She made up her mind that she wanted to be in the delivery room at the time of birth.

This made the daughter anxious as she did not want anyone but her husband to be there with her during the process. She wanted to get rid of this situation and told her mother that she might change her mind.

The mother’s boyfriend started to threaten the daughter. This made the daughter tell her mother to sort her life out. The same day of the incident the daughter went into labor, she wanted to keep it low and did not tell anyone. The mother had a great experience giving birth to the child. She wanted to feed the baby, take a shower and then meet family and friends. But the story does not end here.

She had a one-hour meet window for the closed ones and wondered if her mother would show up. She did show up, not alone but with escort police. She was not ready to explain the situation. This made the daughter awkward.

After a while, the mother explained the whole police situation. She needed protection from her former boyfriend, who asked for a second chance and tried convincing her that he was not into anything bad. It was hard to believe him as he was a prolific liar.

People were astonished by the whole situation. They thought that the mother was trying to be an attention seeker. Someone found the whole story fishy. No policeman will play as a bodyguard and maybe she was arrested and was trying to hide the fact.

It seemed that she wanted to look like a victim. The daughter agreed that maybe she did that for attention. But she looks back to this memory fondly and always laughs at the whole situation. At least she did not ruin the actual birth time.

Mother should be one of the happiest people when it comes to her daughter being pregnant and starting a new chapter of her life. The mother here had selfish reasons to be at the birth of her grandson and made it look awkward when she entered the room with a police escort for protection from her ex-boyfriend. This whole situation made it a memorable day. They would laugh about it now and then.

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