Classified Pictures That The Government Was Forced To Release

The world is full of conspiracy theories. They have been explored and heavily discussed upon by many people, also leading them to completely believe in the fact that they are true. From aliens to secret government hideouts, the conspiracy theories have a wide range. Over the years, the government has declassified many reports that allowed new pictures to see the light of the day. Many of these pictures have been released because they are past the statute of limitations and there can be no legal action against them. Let’s have a look at these classified pictures that are now open to the public.

A Real UFO?

Naturally, after the CIA declassified these photos, people flocked to the ones of the bizarre UFOs. No one can really tell what this is… None of these photos come with an explanation.

China’s Giant Telescope

This giant, circular structure is actually the world’s strongest telescope. Allegedly. China says that it has the ability to detect all different kinds of radio signals, even some that are thousands of light-years away.

Top-Secret Facility In The Mountain

This is the Cheyenne Mountain Complex. It’s the largest secret facility on US soil. Even though this photo isn’t top secret anymore, this facility still is! Only highly-classified officials can enter.

Pentagon After 9/11

Needless to say, the Pentagon did not look like this pre-9/11. The American people have never seen the photo of this damage before because it was always kept out of public view until recently.


This is one of the official documents that was recently declassified. According to the document, the government encountered a UFO in 1963 in Nevada. While most of the document is redacted, it leaves us thinking, are there really alien spacecraft captured in Area 51?

Bin Laden and His Family

Osama Bin Laden used to be pretty normal, minus his “radical” views, as his family called it. Here he is with his huge family while on vacation in Germany.

Me and The Fam

Charlie Duke, one of the moon landers, left a photo of his family on the moon just in case anyone doubts him! We can only assume that the photo is still there in the very same spot. If someone finds the picture in the coming years, all theories about a fake moon landing will be dispersed.

Just a Day at the Pool

In order to learn how to land in the water, astronauts have to start in the pools! It looks like they’re just relaxing, but it’s actually serious work! This is to help them get used to the feeling of weightlessness in Space.

North Dakota Bunker

This freaky, doomsday-looking bunker is based in North Dakota. It’s used to measure the weather and seismic waves. Allegedly. At one point, it was used as a national missile defense system.

Hitler, but… Old?

Conspiracy theory alert! We all know that Hitler committed suicide, causing the end of WWII. But wait, now we’re seeing photos of him older, with no mustache, living in Argentina? Who knows what’s really going on…

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