Genius Hotel Hacks That Will Make Your Trips Easier

Hotel trips have always been a pain in the neck. That is why I rarely venture out of home. But when you have to undertake an official trip, then there is no way you can avoid a stay in the hotel. What should you do to make your hotel stay a pleasant experience? There are so many simple tricks and hacks that will make our hotel stay much more comfortable. We have compiled some of the best hacks that are so next level they’ll completely revolutionize how you travel? Well, buckle up and prepare for liftoff because these genius hotel hacks will blow your mind.

Keep Your Toothbrush Clean

Luxury hotels are nice and all, but they still won’t be as clean as your house. In most hotels, a maid has about an hour at most to clean up the entire room. And while cleaners will certainly do a decent job, that new room smell and sparkle is all a façade. Bathroom counters are our main point of concern when it comes to cleanliness.

Mood Lighting Done Right

When it comes to the lighting in hotel rooms, one doesn’t know what to expect. You could be dealing with overpoweringly blinding fluorescent lights that straight up kill the mood, or if you’re lucky, you’ve got lamps to work with. If you find yourself with a single light setting, try sprucing up the mood by improvising. You can use a colored rag or shirt.

Dinner Is Ready

Traveling becomes more expensive when it’s not just yourself you have to worry about. Bills pile up. You’ve got your partner and kids now. They’re definitely not going to get excited about staying in a hostel or some low-budget accommodation. You and the family will want something nicer.

Buttery Goodness

One of the simple pleasures in life is warm toast smeared with a generous serving of soft butter. However, in hotel buffets and continental breakfast bars, this small pleasure can turn into a huge ordeal, namely because butter is served in small pats that are ice hard and almost impossible to spread.

Keep It Cool

Staying within budget while on holiday can be a real undertaking. Though eating out at new places is one of the great pleasures of traveling, doing so every meal isn’t very practical or affordable. It’s a far better option to bring some of your own basic food items and refreshments. However, keeping them cool can become an issue.

Hoard Those Tiny Shampoo Bottles

Who said nothing in life comes for free? When your hotel stay is booked, you can already start imagining all the perks that’ll come with it. However, besides the free breakfast buffets, swimming pool, and other amenities, there are certain items that come with your room that you’re allowed to keep.

Germ-Free Plastic Protection

A hotel’s cleaning staff can be a gamble. The maids will either clean diligently as if they were cleaning their own home, or they’ll cut corners and hurry up just to get it over with. Your hotel room may appear immaculate and spotlessly clean, but there are certain items that have tons of bacteria you should be wary about.

Extra Table Space

Reality can sometimes be disappointing, especially when photos of hotel rooms online look much better than in real life. It’s all about the lighting, camera lens, and right angle that can make any drab room appear palatial. You’re excited, thinking that your hotel room is going to be spacious. You open the door.

Keep Your Phone Nearby

Where did I put my phone? How many times have you said or heard that phrase? In some hotels, they won’t provide bedside tables on both sides, so you’re forced to leave your phone across the room on the desk, or you’re left having to tuck your phone under your pillow. This is risky, given that your phone can just slide off the bed.

Don’t Eat a Cold Slice

There’s nothing worse than eating ice-cold leftovers. Some hotel rooms don’t provide a microwave, so it can be difficult to reheat last night’s dinner. Don’t throw out perfectly good food, though. There’s a hack to heat up that depressing slice of pizza.

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