Incredible Drone Pictures That Will Startle You

It’s impossible to capture the true beauty and wonders of the world with a simple human eye. With technological developments, drones have been designed as an excellent image capturing tool and, therefore, Drone photography has soared in recent years. Most of the new drones come equipped with high-quality cameras capable of capturing great shots and videos. So we have compiled some of the best photos we have seen and you have to get ready to pick your jaw up off the floor because you are about to witness excellence.

Fall in the Temperate Zone

30 Incredible Drone Images

In some climates, geographic areas experience a gorgeous phenomenon of “fall.” During this time, leaves on trees change all different colors. However, it’s truly breathtaking to be able to view the spectrum from the sky.

Industrializing the Desert

30 Incredible Drone Images

The Al Quadra Desert was once a place of desolate grounds. As civilization grows, so does the need for the taming of the wild. Here is an incredible image of the new developments on a vast pasty canvas.

Lotus Temple


Best drone photos ever taken image 1

This is certainly a breathtaking view of an already awe-inspiring temple of worship. The Lotus Temple is located in Delhi, India, and is famed for its flower-like shape. It’s also a place of wonder thanks to welcoming everyone – regardless of religious belief.

Incredible Shadow

Best drone photos ever taken image 1

Luke Bell, a Cape Town-based videographer and photographer, said he took this photo on a cold, early morning in South Africa on a farm near Stellenbosch. “Two cows drinking from a nearby dam caught my eye when I saw their long shadows,” he explained. “I launched my drone to capture the scene in a way impossible with any other type of camera.”

Dawn On Mercury Tower(Russia)

Best drone photos ever taken image 1

Alexey Goncharov, a 36-years-old physicist who works at Moscow State University, said he sometimes takes drone photos before heading into work. One morning, while in search of a beautiful reflection in the mirror windows of the Mercury tower, he spotted industrial climbers and took a picture.

The Red Train(Swiss Alps, Switzerland)

This brilliantly contrasting image from the sky shows a fantastic red train passing through the snow-covered mountains of Switzerland.

Concrete jungle, Dubai, EAA by Bachirm

Best drone photos ever taken image 1

Bachir Moukarzel, a 33-year-old Lebanese living in Dubai, is a cluster Financial controller in Rotana Hotels. This picture was shot at sunset time in Dubai at 6 pm while trying to capture an area that was a desert 10 years back.

Mont Saint Michel in the fog

Best drone photos ever taken image 1

This breathtaking shot shows the famous French monastery Mont Saint Michel bathed in the stunning morning fog.

A Deserted College(Republic Of Abkhazia)

Best drone photos ever taken image 1

This is a beautiful view of the countryside of the Republic of Abkhazia. It shows an amazing landscape with a tragic history as this is part of the region where ethnic cleansing occurred in the 1990s. People were expelled from their homes, brutally murdered, and persecuted. Now a broken, deserted college stands as a homage to this tragic time.

Summer Trim(France)

Best drone photos ever taken image 1

Jerome Courtial, a 39-year-old Frenchman based in London, went to Valensole to get an original picture.The photo ended up winning international awards and being his favorite picture ever taken.

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