Growing Up With Sisters? Then You’ll Totally Understand Going Through These Things


Sisters are great, but they can also be a handful. Deep down inside we’ll always love them but that doesn’t mean they can’t get on our nerves. They have all these crazy ideas and of course they want to try them on you.


Living Barbiesister-1

When you have older sisters it’s only a matter of time before they play dress up with you. Put on that dress, now remove it. Try this one better. Nope, start all over with mom’s clothes. Phew!

Welcome To The Salon

Every sister has a stage where she experiments with hair, the problem is when the the hair they experiment on is yours! Someone should have told them years ago that they’re not really a stylist.


Welcome To The Salon Part 2

However, they can be quite good at it when they want to, and if you’re considering letting your hair grow they can be your go to if you want to experiment with, let’s say… braids!


Pins and Hair Tiessister-4

There are two signs that tell you you have sisters: bobby pins and hair ties everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE! Never mind the dozen or so brushes here and there. Hair is important, apparently!


A Sister’s Kingdomsister-5

The bathroom is a sister’s kingdom and that’s undeniable. So give up trying to have space for your stuff, it’s not gonna happen. Where else is she going to put it all? And yes, she NEEDS all that.


A Sister’s Kingdom Part 2sister-6

You might as well give up on the whole ‘having a bathroom’ idea at all. Just use your parents’ because when your sisters grow up that bathroom is going to be like a study room you’re not allowed to set foot on.


Sisters and Guyssister-7

Take a deep breath and relax cause once we all grow up your friends will start noticing how hot your sister is and that, my friend, is a cause for distress.


Hair Everywhere

On the brushes, on the shower, they’re everywhere! It’s like they’re going bald. Do they need their luscious hair to be that long? Their answer will be affirmative, of course.


Secrets, Secrets

They may know stuff about you, but you also know their deepest darkest secrets. So, when it’s time for combat it’ll be a war to remember.


Mark my words, you don’t want to seek revenge in the presence of your mother, cause she’s a woman and she’ll understand your sister. Favoritism? Nah.



Okay, we get it. We’re similar, it’s obvious, we’re brothers and sisters. But you don’t need to hear it on a daily basis.


A Look Into The Feminine World

Having sisters is quite educational. You learn about what those long, cotton things are. Yes, I’m talking about tampons. That and the many, many other dark rituals they have and that you won’t ever understand.


Play or Burn

We’ve all burnt the occasional Barbie just to get back at one of our sisters. We can’t help ourselves, it’s brothers’ nature. But they burnt our GI Joe figures so it all evens out.



Deep down inside, you know when push comes to shove you’ll be the first to protect her. There’s no such thing as being “overprotective” as far as you’re concerned.


Fraternal Lovesister-15

You share a bond that can never be broken. We all love our sisters cause they made us who we are today. Here’s to them!


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