This Rat Learned How to Paint With His Feet, And We Can’t Stop Giggling

Darius, the rat, proved that rodents don’t spend their days eating cheese and running from cats. Apparently, they paint, too. Well, at least he does, and since his talent went viral on social media, his joy of the arts has managed to bring a bit of sunshine and a smile to people from all over the planet.

She Has a Thing for Rats

Amelie Markota Andersen / Facebook

Amalie Markota Andersen is an animation and digital arts student, who isn’t afraid of rats. In fact, she’s had pet rats since she was 14 or 15 years old. And she’s had 9 so far, including Darius.

He Had a Special Gift

Amelie Markota Andersen / Facebook

Unfortunately, rats don’t have a very long lifespan. At most, they live about 2 or 3 years tops. So, after her first rat, she kept on getting more. But Darius was special. He had an artistic gift, just like Amalie had.

He Showed Her He Was an Artist

Amelie Markota Andersen / Facebook

She got Darius in 2017 from a litter of rats. He was so gentle and kind that it was love at first sight for Amalie. She picked him up and shortly after started showing him how he could create some serious artwork.

He Started Painting Patterns

Amelie Markota Andersen / Facebook

She bought a set of non-toxic watercolors. Then she dipped his tiny feet in them and allowed him to walk on the paper. He continued doing this back and forth until a pattern started to emerge on the paper.

She Documented His Artwork

Amelie Markota Andersen / Facebook

Amalie felt that his first painting was so good that she started documenting his creative masterpieces on Tumblr in January 2018. The photos eventually were shared on Twitter through someone else’s now-private account.

Darius Was Unlike Other Rats

Amelie Markota Andersen / Facebook

It made Amalie very happy to see that Darius and his artwork was putting smiles on people’s faces. But he was in a class of his own. And that’s saying a lot given the number of rats that Amalie has owned.

He Was Clingy Like a Baby

Amelie Markota Andersen / Facebook

Darius was very shy. He didn’t do much exploring like most other rats did. In fact, he preferred to sleep on Amalie’s bed or cuddle in her lap. If anything, he was more like a tiny baby clinging to his human mommy.

The Feeling Was Mutual

Amelie Markota Andersen / Facebook

Darius may not have been the most independent rat around, but Amalie didn’t mind. She had grown quite attached to the little guy, too. This made it very difficult for her to say goodbye when his time was up.

She Became His Art Dealer

Amelie Markota Andersen / Facebook

Amalie started selling her pet rat’s artwork and sort of became his manager. Then she used the money to buy Darius a harness, so the two of them could go out and explore the world safely without the risk of him running away and getting lost.

He Left an Artistic Legacy Behind

Amelie Markota Andersen / Facebook

Darius only made 4 paintings in total. But unfortunately, he passed away in 2019. And netizens mourned and sent condolences to Amalie, who will miss him forever. But she’s grateful for the way his artwork has continued to touch so many lives.

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