Here’s Why Taking A Girl’s Trip With Your Best Friends Is Great For Your Health, According To Science

Taking a mini-break with your friends is like a breath of fresh air. You’ll get to bond with your “sisters from another mister,” while making some unforgettable memories along the way. And as it turns out, going on a girl’s trip is good for the mind and body too, at least according to the Harvard Women’s Health blog. The research shows something we’ve always known; a close group of girlfriends is a real lifesaver!


Good Connections Are Important


Scientists are investigating the effects that social connections can have on our wellbeing. Socializing with friends, family, and loved ones can have a ton of health benefits. Connecting with others has an influence on our long-term health. This connection between gal pals not only makes us feel appreciated and valued while filling us with joy and happiness. It keeps us alive and healthy, too.


We’re Measurably Healthier

Aside from the happiness we get when we’re with our friends, there are also a bunch of long-term health benefits that increase longevity. The Harvard Women’s Health blog reported some rather interesting findings about social connections and our overall wellbeing that will have you planning a girl’s trip today, (even if it’s just a mini-weekend getaway!)


There’s A Downside To Not Being Sociable


People who don’t have positive social ties tend to experience bouts of depression, high blood pressure, late-life cognitive decline, and even a shorter lifespan. We all know that social isolation and loneliness has a negative effect on your health. But there is a biological and behavioral reason behind this grim prognosis.


No Friends Means More Stress


People who have a strong social circle suffer a lot less stress. Those who lack positive social ties will find that stress can affect the arteries, immune system, insulin resistance, and gut functions. After evaluating 309,000 people, a study found that a lack of social connections can even increase the risk of mortality by 50%.


Your BFFs Can Help You Endure Pain


Psychologists found a surprising correlation between pain and having a healthy social circle. They discovered that having a close-knit group of friends can help us become more tolerant to pain. And it really makes sense. Having strong bonds and relationships with others helps us tolerate the painful moments in life that are simply unavoidable. Plus, the more time you spend with friends, the more your body releases oxytocin, the happy hormone that lets your brain communicate feelings of joy.


More Oxytocin Equals More Friends


The more oxytocin you have in your body, the friendlier, generous, and more trusting you’ll become. You’ll have this sense of belonging as you hang out with your bosom buddies. The more oxytocin, the happier and more open you’ll be to socializing with others.


Social Media Is No Substitute


Maintaining friendships on social media is okay, but you really need to consider taking some time to meet people face to face in order to reap the health rewards of having a real interaction. And what better way to do that than going on a girl’s trip?


It Can Even Save Your Marriage


According to Forbes, women who take their vacation time together are less depressed, tired, and tense. As a bonus, this makes them feel a lot happier when they’re with their spouse. So if you’re having issues with your significant other, you should really consider taking a break… with your gal pals, that is!


Your Heart Will Break… Literally


Women who don’t take a break and go out on a trip run a higher risk of developing heart disease or even meeting an untimely end as a result of it. Men run a similar risk, but women reap more benefits from traveling with their best friends.


It’s More Important Than Familial Connections


Researcher William Chopik found that friendships are synonymous with happiness and health so he suggests investing time and effort into those friendships that fulfill you the most. The research conducted at Michigan State University in 2017 also showed it’s easier to predict everyday happiness and how long we’ll live using friendships versus family and spousal relationships.


Happier Life, Happier Wife


Travel not only opens our mind to new life experiences, but it also lets us see the world in ways we never thought possible. Not only that, but it allows you to connect with your travel buddies in a very intimate way. Taking a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life will not only make you happier in general but more relaxed and happier with your family life as well. And while most of us can’t afford to take a break because of money or work, you should really consider ditching your obligations, even if for a weekend or an overnight trip with your besties. It’ll be truly worth it!

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