People Share Hilarious Photos That Prove Having Siblings Is a Lot of Fun And a Total Pain On The Butt

Remember those photos you took with your siblings back in the day? You know, the ones that your parents keep talking about even though you’re all grown up? Well now, people are sharing some of the funniest and weirdest moments in the lives of siblings, and you won’t be able to nod your head and giggle while you scroll through these.


Emo at the Beach


Three out of these four sisters know how to dress when they go to the beach. The one on the far left seems to be interested in being a total rebel and doing “family beach time” her own gothic way.


Don’t Let Me Drop It


Although she looks like she’s terrified of dropping the baby, it’s also kind of cute how this little girl has so much love and concern for her sibling. She undoubtedly grew up to become the coolest big sister ever!


The Sound of Music Phase


This photo is sacrilegiously awesome because these sisters put on their thinking caps, or in this case, their underpants and created these nun costumes back when they were into the “Sound of Music.”


No Fishing Gear Required


This brother was canoeing with his sister when he spotted a grass carp. He didn’t have any fishing gear, so he jumped out of the canoe and picked up the giant fish with his own arms. Just look at the shock in his sister’s face. Yup. We would be shocked as well!


Hungry Like a Wolf


This 2-year-old won’t hold her new baby brother any other way than if he’s lying on a pillow on her lap. But we give the baby kudos for not freaking out after his big sis showed up wearing a wolf mask.


She Didn’t Want Them


Getting one sibling was bad enough, but now this little girl had to contend with two! Judging from this photo, she didn’t like the idea of no longer being the baby. Hopefully, she outgrew her distaste for her siblings.


The Sparring Partners

Old Reddit

These sisters represented the battle between Coca Cola and Pepsi. They might have been blinded by the soda boxes on their heads but they had sticks and no one seemed to mind they were about to spar.


Shut It!


The birthday girl was getting ready to blow out the candle and didn’t want anyone else stealing her spotlight. So, she put her hands on her sister’s mouth to shut her up.


Trophy Vs Onion Ring


The brother on the left was proudly showing off his hockey trophy, medal, and certificate. But his sister wasn’t a slacker either. She might not have had a medal to put around her neck, but she had an onion ring, which is sort of the same when you’re that age. Ah! So freaking adorable!


Camouflage Level 10


Mom made outfits for these brothers out of the drape material that came with this couch. We can only imagine the years of therapy these boys needed to get over this.


The Permed Mullets

Awkward Family Photos

It doesn’t get a lot more 1980s than this picture. These sisters’ grandmother insisted on giving them perms and mullets. You have to love grandma’s dedication to styling, even if the hair-do’s turned out a bit too wacky.


Psycho Brother’s Coming


This little kid looks like an old man who’s upset that these girls are standing on his lawn. But he’s probably just pissed over being left out of the photoshoot.


Halloween Horror


This is a photo of a brother and a sister dressed up as a princess and a knight for Halloween in 1993. Those things they’re holding are supposed to be horses. But it’s a total design fail for obvious reasons.


War of the Dogs


It looks like these three siblings are getting along better than their pets are. The boy on the left and the girl on the right are laughing their heads off, but the boy in the middle looks terrified as their two dogs are about to tear each other apart. Good old family time!

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