Here Are Some Of The Draconian Rules Kate Middleton Follows In Her Life

It is a popular notion that the life of the Duchess of Cambridge is always glamorous. Contrary to what people think, there is a strict protocol that Kate Middleton must follow. She has had to adapt to the lifestyle and the rules laid out for living. These rules were incorporated at the court of Queen Elizabeth II by all the predecessors. In fact, you will be shocked to see how constricted her life actually is.

The Strict Rules Kate Middleton Has To Always Follow

Although it may sound controversial, the Queen makes the rules and the matriarchal monarch has been in charge for a long time. Some rules have never changed from centuries.


She Cannot Sign Any Autographs

The Duchess of Cambridge cannot sign autographs for fans. She can only sign official documents which have been previously authorized by Queen Elizabeth II. There are chances that someone could forge documents in the name of a member of the Royal Family. Only photos and handshakes are allowed for the Duchess of Cambridge.


Forbidden To Profit From Her Content

Kate is an avid photographer and has released professional photos she’s taken throughout the years. Under normal circumstances, she would be able to license her photos for profit. She does not personally make any profit from her content and this content can only be released by the palace.


The Queen Always Comes First

If you have the honor of having dinner with the Queen, be aware that as soon as she finishes her meal, everyone at the table has to put down the cutlery and stop eating immediately. This rule applies to other members of the Royal Family, including Kate Middleton. We hope that the Queen does not starve the Duchess.


No Snacking On Mussels Or Oysters

Eating mussels or oysters is a strict no-no for Kate because of the health issues posed by these foods. If microbes are present if they aren’t stored correctly, then it could be risky for the Royals. We wonder if Kate likes mollusks or not.


Kate Cannot Sport Any Flashy Nail Colors

Kate’s manicure usually has two shades: Soft Pink 28 Rose Lounge (Bourjois) and Nude 423 Allure (Essie). Protocol says Royals should keep their nails natural tones at official events. The Queen has worn the same enamel since 1989.


No Social Media For Members Of Royal Family

The Royal family cannot use social media is forbidden. Members have no private Facebook or Twitter accounts. This rule has been made to prevent secret data from becoming public. Messages and pictures can be easily taken out of context. There are some official crown accounts managed by communication professionals.


No PDA For The Royal Couple

All moments of intimacy and affection between Kate and Prince William can only take place behind closed doors.They cannot even hold hands in public.


The Duchess Has To Follow A Strict Dress Code

Kate cannot wear animal products or flashy dresses  like leather boots and vibrant patterns. Although she can still wear leather, she can only do so if the animals have not been sacrificed. You can ensure yourself that her wardrobe isn’t too luxurious.


Kate Can’t Vote In Elections

No member of the Royal family can vote. All monarchs must remain neutral so as not to damage the family’s reputation. There cannot be any royal intervention of any sort.


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