Ladies!! Men With This Facial Feature Are Most Likely To Cheat You

We know you might have read a lot of stories telling you ‘all about relationships’ online especially the ones asking you if your partner is a cheater, not good in bed, etc. and then countless articles revolving around a person’s zodiac sign. Right? Well, If you think this article will take you there too, don’t lose already.
We are not saying that your partner is not right. Your partner might be a gifted person with a fantastic sense of humor, or he might be great with kids, which of course subsides an individual’s facial beauty. But hey! A recent study by Archives of Sexual Behavior highlighted the fact that there’s one facial feature that is likely to determine if your partner would cheat on you or not!

We know our face is the reflection of our mood, emotions and what not. It is our medium of communication too, but now it is also a factor that might define your character!

Yes, your face can tell if you are most likely to cheat.

1. This recent study says that your face might reveal a lot more than just your current mood.

2. Yes, scientists proved that to us.  

3. Well, it is the same thing that Brad Pitt, Jude Law, and Mario Lopez share with each other.

4. But what is it?

It is the shape of a man’s face that might impact the probability of him cheating on his significant other. WHAT?


5. We know right! And not only that, men’s sex drive is also somewhat dependent on one’s facial shape! 

It is their width-to-height ratio that plays a significant role.

6. So, ‘scientifically speaking,’ men with boxier and broader faces tend to have a higher urge for sex as well as cheating.

In support of this claim, we would like to recall the love life of a few celebs who reportedly have been known to be unfaithful to their partners.

7. Take Usher for instance… a pretty wide face and a cheater?

Although Usher was a real love for Rozonda Chilli Thomas, he cheated on his girlfriend.

Or how about Mario Lopez?

He has a boxier face, and he has also cheated on his wife, Ali Landry.

Although short, our list stands as substantial evidence by the study, don’t start measuring your boyfriend’s face just yet. 

One of the most critical lessons about these studies which include science experiments is that correlation is not the case always.

Not all men with such a broad face will turn out to be cheaters! So if you have such a man in your life as your partner, don’t jump to the conclusion. It is just a precautionary tip.
And guys, this study hasn’t been proven concerning the females yet so do not even attempt to try! Wait for the next research study to be conducted if you wish to take revenge.

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