Pilot Joe Shocks His Parents By Announcing That He’ll Be Flying Them

We all know what duties pilots hold. They are usually heard and rarely seen, especially on commercial planes. But this was one of those first times when a pilot stepped out in the cabin to make a really heartwarming announcement. Pilot Joe Woollings on the Thomas Cook flight to Tenerife stepped out into the cabin and made an announcement in front of 200 passengers. They were all shocked. It turned out his parents were on the flight and that it was the first time he’d ever flown them.

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Here’s what happened when pilot Joe shocked his parents on the flight.

Pilot Joe Woollings surprises by speaking on the public address system.

He gets emotional while addressing his parents and mentioning how this will be his first flight flying them.

The incident was captured on a video and uploaded to the company’s Twitter page on Wednesday.

He said, “It’s actually my third anniversary of my first-ever flight.”

Wooling says, “The reason I’m out here speaking to you is that it’s a very special day for me. It’s actually my first day as a commercial airline pilot – only joking. It’s actually my third anniversary of my first-ever flight.

But it’s also the first day I’ve been able to take my mum and dad on holiday.

They are sat in row 17 and, as you can probably tell from my mum’s face, she had no idea I was doing this flight, so what better way to say thank you than by embarrassing them in front of 200 people.

So a big round of applause to my parents, because if they hadn’t met I wouldn’t be here today.”


The video went viral ever since the incident happened and was shared on Twitter.

People were so emotional after watching the video there were shares all over the social platform. The video started trending.

One man said, “Well done young man, very proud parents. Loved his mum’s reaction, tears of joy.”

Isn’t it cute? 

Watch the video here:

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