Women Wear This Ring For An Important Reason

Lately more and more images have appeared on Instagram of women wearing a ring with a tiny stone in the shape of a heart on their pinky and accompanied with the hashtag #SelfLovePinkyRing.

My new pinky ring by @fredandfar is so beautiful!? I love it so much?#selflovepinkyring.

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The meaning of this ring is to put yourself and your love for yourself before anything. It’s a kind of engagement ring with yourself.
This ring was design by the company Fred + Far and they define it as a promise to choose yourself, honor yourself, and remember yourself on a daily basis. The ring features a lab-created white sapphire and is set in a 14K solid gold or sterling silver band.The company explains that the form of the white sapphire in an inverted triangle is a representation of devine femininity.

 The price of the rings ranges from 140 to 400 USD. The rings are in a high demand and the company is overflowing with purchases.