These Animals Prove That Being Chubby Makes You So Much Cuter

All animals are uniquely attractive in their way but when the word ‘chubby’ is applied to the following animals, the level of cuteness displayed certainly seems to go up by a notch. Doesn’t matter if they are sea lions or penguins, all that matters is that surfing through them brings joy to the saddest of hearts!

Adorable Little Muffin

We want to know the secret. How does anyone, even a tiny hamster pull off being this attractively endearing? Nobody would want to let go of this cuteness. It’s the kind of thing you want to maintain, which we certainly hope this hamster strives for!

Too Many Trash Cans?

Raccoons are quite famous for shifting through trashcans in search of food. It looks like this one hit the exact jackpot when he found a neighborhood at Christmas time with giant leftovers. This one didn’t let the opportunity slide.

Someone, Please Hug Him

There are some animals that you want to hug and hide away from the world. This baby rabbit certainly falls on that list. Its chubbiness and the sad expression only make us want to hug him more!

The Determined Otter

There is no doubt that otters are one of the most endearing animals on the planet. With four adorable paws and the classic whiskers, the chubbiness only adds to their cute personality. Just look at the picture of this determined otter as it heads towards its next meal in the pouring rain.

Where Did All The Grass Go?

Not That ‘Ready’ For Winter

All year round animals; especially squirrels spend time collecting nuts and acorns to store for wintertime. But it looks like this one believed that if he ate whatever he found, his fur would be enough to protect him. 10/10 hope it works!

Taken Care Of

This picture depicts the face of a poor penguin who took too much advantage of being fed free food and let himself give in to the temptations. Still looks breathtakingly adorable while being chubby.

Just Chilling

Bears are huge animals that are not up for argument. However, the demeanor of the bear sitting like this is kind of scary. With all the weight and the glass, it’s definitely bound to be concerning for the humans standing below.

Getting That Sunshine!

Being a prisoner isn’t all that bad if you ask sea lions, right? When you are fed three times a day, don’t have to worry about predators, and get to lie all day in the sun, who would be mad?

Adorable Foxes Or A Complete Dream?

Fox is known for being swift, clever, and sneaky. However, being obese means they can’t enjoy being any of this. Having puppy eyes does have its perks for these foxes are extremely cute. I bet people spoil them all day which leads them to have a luxurious life.

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