Dog Breeds That Are Most Likely To Destroy Your House

Getting a dog is a lot of responsibility. Many people are in it for the cuddles and companionship; forgetting a dog can be quite a handful, not to mention destructive to property, furniture, and pretty much anything they feel needs a good chew! From feisty chihuahuas chewing on shoes to Mastiffs digging holes in the yard, here are some of the most destructive dog breeds.

Bulldogs: A Slobbery Breed People Can’t Help But Love

A loving a loyal companion, Bulldogs aren’t really known to chew on household items that are not their own toys. That being said, this particular breed does have something going against them — their drool! While drool isn’t overly destructive, it has the potential to ruin furniture and other fabrics if it isn’t cleaned up right away.

Chihuahua’s Are Feisty And Like Everyone To Know It

When it comes to chihuahuas, any owner knows that leaving a toy in very close proximity to the god is the only way to go, especially if they’re leaving the house. Known to have major separation issues and anxiety, this breed will go after anything and everything — rugs, shoes, clothing, cellphone chargers, and even couch legs.

Rottweiler Are Natural Chewers

According to RottweilerGuide, Rottweilers are born to chew. Very curious by nature, this breed will get into trouble without meaning to. Even so, their curiosity is bound to lead to some things being chewed up around the house! To avoid the house getting ruined, it’s important to exercise this breed daily and play games with them, too.

Whippets Will Climb All OverThe Furniture

Whippets are a high-energy breed that loves to run around and play. So, making sure they get the right amount of daily exercise is key to having a less destructive-looking household. On the other hand, prospective owners should be aware that this breed loves to be up on the furniture, and no one will be able to tell them otherwise.

Dachshunds Are Born Diggers And Chewers

Loving with a whole lot of energy, it’s funny to think such a tiny creature can pack such a destructive punch. Well, Dachshunds surely can! According to American Dog Blog, it is in this breed’s nature to not only dig, whether it be the dirt outside or the carpet, but they also chew on everything.

Labradors Need Constant Action

Loving and goofy, Labradors are a great family pet for those who are very active and like being outdoors. This breed needs a lot of interaction and care; otherwise, they’re going to find the closest thing to them and start chewing. Unfortunately, the closest thing might not be a toy.

English Setters Will Chew Through Everything If Not Trained

English Setters are a very smart, energetic, and loving breed that needs a lot of attention. The biggest thing is to make sure they get a healthy dose of daily exercise and have ample time around their family on top of good training. Otherwise, this breed gets a bit rambunctious and will start chewing through everything, which is not only extremely annoying but pricey. Also, keep a vacuum nearby because this breed sheds a lot!

Male Basset Hounds Can Be Difficult To House Break

Yes, Basset Hounds have some of the cutest ears around, but looking past their cute faces, they are a breed that will likely ruin an owner’s home in a few ways. First, male Basset Hounds are notoriously difficult to housebreak, meaning clean carpets are a thing of the past. Not only that, but this breed also loves to dig, so say hello to a pile of landscaping bills.

Boxers Are Stubborn And Will Let A Person Know They’re Mad

Boxers are a breed that is smart, loving, and too stubborn for their own good. With this high energy level, owners need to make sure this pooch is worn out by the time they leave the house. Otherwise, they’re in for a whirlwind of destruction when they get home, solely because their Boxer was bored and mad because they left them alone.

Golden Retrievers Love Having Things In Their Mouth

It’s all in this breed’s name. Golden Retrievers are literally bred to retrieve. They love having something in their mouth at all times. And, if their toys are nowhere to be seen and they’re full of energy from lack of exercise, they’re going to head straight for something in the house that will cause some destruction. The trick is lots of outdoor time and exercise!

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