These Are The Most Massive Animals On The Planet

Our planet is full of some of the most amazing creatures and they come in all sorts of sizes, ranging from microscopic to ginormous. We have all seen animals of various sizes in our lives, from the small ants that are often stepped on mistakenly to the majestic elephants that live in the jungles. However, there are some animals that are not so common around the world but are massive in size. Read on to find out all about these giant animals that share the planet with us.

Radical Rodent

The couple in the picture is Richard and Melanie and they are parents to the largest rodent in the world. They live in Texas and their pet rodent is about the same size as an adult dog and he loves swimming in the pool. His name is Gary the Capybara.

Cow Bigger Than Normal

Chilli is a big cow, like, a huge cow. This beast is 6 foot 6 and weighs a staggering total of 2,750 pounds. His caretaker, Jenny Wheadon says that he grows bigger and bigger every day. Currently, he’s about 18 inches taller than a regular cow.

Amazing Anaconda

The green anaconda can weigh up to 550 pounds and reach 30 feet in length. It is the largest snake on earth. They are typically found in water regions of South America, close to the Amazon Rainforest.


This is the longest fish we bet you’ve ever seen. Nicknamed ‘sea serpents’ because of their size, these guys reach 110 feet long and can weigh up to 600 pounds. We are amazed to see that such a creature lives in the seas where we love to swim.


This dog is big in more ways than one. In some cases, Tibetan Mastiffs can weigh over 280 pounds. One of these breeds was sold for $1.5 million in 2011. Big bucks for the big dog!

Ocean Sunfish

The Mola Mola, also known as Ocean Sunfish, are massive animals. They are the heaviest (and rather boniest) fish in the world weighing typically about 2,200 pounds. One particularly big fish weighed a shocking 5,100 pounds and had 14 feet of fin length.

Double the Donkey

There exists a lucky donkey out there named Oklahoma Sam living his best life after being named the “Tallest Living Donkey.” At age four, she had surpassed all other donkeys eligible for this coveted namesake. She was 15.3 hands long, while most donkeys are only 8.

Brutus the Saltwater Crocodile

Brutus isn’t your typical giant saltwater crocodile. He’s chomped down on a bull shark! This big boy is 18 feet long and a celebrity spotting on the Adelaide River Cruises. Just don’t get too close!

Huge Hog

That’s not a log, it’s a hog! In 2011, an 11-year old named Jamison Stone got the biggest catch of the hunt: a 1,051 pound, nine-foot-long hog. The hunt took three hours, but once the animal snarled at him, Jamison shot his shot and lived to tell the tale.

Long Longhorn

Bug haters, beware. These South American rainforest dwellers are the most impressive beetles on earth (sorry John, Paul, George, and Ringo) and measure typically at 6.6 inches. Their mandibles are so powerful that they can cut pencils in half.

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