These Incredible Photos Prove The Number On The Scale Doesn’t Mean Squat

After weeks of busting your butt at the gym, you expected to lose a few pounds at least. But then you weighed yourself and your whole world came crashing down. The horror! You’ve been religiously going to the gym every week. You even amped up your cardio sessions in an attempt to torch as many calories as possible. You might’ve even skipped a few meals, (even though you know you shouldn’t have!) And yet, there it is. The number on the scale is exactly the same as the one you started with. You can’t help being frustrated.

Well, first of all, obsessing over the number on the scale is mentally exhausting. It’s also not sustainable in the long run. In order to lose weight and tone up, we must find the balance between eating food that fuels our bodies and giving it your all at the gym without going overboard. So here’s a very important lesson you need to take home today: weight means absolutely nothing. But we get it! You need visual proof. So here are 10 incredible before and after pics that prove weight is absolutely meaningless.


The Number Doesn’t Mean Anything. Just Look At Those Abs!

Instagram | @shapebynat

Don’t be discouraged if the number on the scale doesn’t want to budge. Just look at Natalie, here, who’s rocking some washboard abs. Not only that, but her entire body composition is 100% different. But we’ll let her explain it herself: “The scale does not differentiate between muscle, fat, water, and organs. I am the same weight between these two photos, but my body composition and health is a whole lot different.”


More Calories + Less Cardio = Leaner Body

Instagram / @carinafitmama

Why do we focus so much on weight? Clearly, we’ve been doing everything wrong. Instead of doing so much cardio and eating very little calories, start lifting heavy weights, do minimal cardio at the gym, and focus on building muscle mass.


If The Scale’s Playing Tricks On You, Then Check Your Measurements

Instagram / @nessasphere

There’s nothing more discouraging than getting hung up on the number on the scale. Your weight doesn’t equal the progress you’ve made. Even on a 2,000 – 2,200 calorie diet, this Instagram user still managed to shred, tone, and build some muscle mass.


“The Scale Doesn’t Measure Sexy”

Instagram / @AnneTheNurse

Training properly and eating a healthy and balanced diet did wonders for @AnneTheNurse’s self-esteem, who captioned this photo, “The scale doesn’t measure sexy.” No, it doesn’t! She’s rocking new curves and looks a lot more toned and healthier. Even though she still weighs 177 pounds, her body definitely changed.


Seriously, Screw The Scale!

Instagram / @kelseywells

By the scales standards, Instagram user Kelsey Wells is totally failing at this weight loss thing. But here’s the thing! You can look toned, thin, and lean without forcing your body to get to a specific weight. At 140 pounds, she looks healthier, (and skinnier) than ever!


6 Years Later, A Lot Of Things Changed (Except For Her Weight!)

Instagram / @andrade.gess

Instagram user Géssica Andrade looked great at 67 kilograms, which is roughly 147 pounds. But after years of training, she still weighs the same! We could’ve sworn she lost at least 10 pounds in the process. But there you go! Clearly, the scale can’t distinguish between fat and muscle.


We Might Just Throw Away The Scale

Instagram / @brittelizabethfit

In both of these pictures, Instagrammer Britt Elizabeth proves that you can’t use a number to determine how fit and healthy you are. She captioned the photo, “Stop letting the scale determine your success. It’s literally just a number!”


Scale Versus Pictures (Clearly, The Pics Won!)

Instagram / @alyssakfit

Even at 128 pounds, she looks like she shredded at least 10 pounds off her midsection. Needless to say, @alyssakfit’s scale is full of it!


A Lean Mean 125-Pound Machine!

Instagram / @theblondefiless

Arielle Lorre, from @theblondefiless on Instagram, wants everyone to “scr*w the f’ing scale!” and we’re all on board with her mantra. She said, “what’s important is how you FEEL, if you’re being kind to your body (and mind), if you’re nourishing yourself with proper nutrients and letting your body sweat”.


Same Weight, All The Difference In The World

Still jacked up about the number? You weight ourselves to see if you gained or lost weight. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you didn’t lose fat and gained muscle at the same time. You get the point?

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