These Inspiring Men Went Viral With Their Incredible Flaw-some Makeup Skills


Makeup is definitely no longer just for women. Check out these 15 guys who are totally dominating the makeup world right now, and they reign supreme, ever so flawlessly. They’ll inspire you to get creative with your look and level up your makeup game.

James Charles

17-year-old James is the first ever male CoverGirl ambassador! How awesome is it that international brands are recognizing that makeup is for everyone, not just girls?


Ryan Potter

Ryan is from Seattle and at just 17 is killing it on YouTube with over 27k subscribers. He’s known for his clean, everyday makeup style. Oh, and don’t forget his unmissable Halloween creations!

Bretman Rock

Bretman’s big personality has got him an insane 8 million followers on Instagram. You’ve got to check out his incredible fashion sense too. Just one look at this guy’s channel, and you’ll be a follower till the end of times.


Zachary Edward

I know! He’s so damn gorgeous! Zachary is a Las-Vegas-based freelance makeup artist. He’s all about gorgeous natural makeup and has just become one of Marc Jacobs’ new beauty vloggers!


Arieh Simon

This male makeup lover is all about challenging gender stereotypes. And with a cool 131k Instagram followers, he’s really starting to spread his message across the world.


Jeffree Star

Professional makeup artist Jeffree Star was one of the original male makeup gurus on social media. He’s come a long way from his Myspace days, and now has his own gorgeous and successful cosmetic brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, who can give Mac and Chanel a run for their money.


Eddie Castro

LA-based Eddie Castro is known for his love of bright colors and his striking, goth-style bold eye makeup. He has a real eye for detail and makes sure that each one of his makeup creations is nothing less than FLAWLESS.


Angel Merino

Makeup pro Angel Marino aka Mac Daddyy, has worked with celebrities including Ariana Grande and Toni Braxton. He’s also killing it with his own range of makeup, Artist Couture. You better work!


Manny Gutierrezmakeup-9

25 year old Manny describes himself as a “boy beauty vlogger” and believes “makeup is genderless and has no rules.” His positive vibes, energy and pro makeup skills have attracted almost 3 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. Way to go Manny!


Thomas Halbert

Thomas is known for his soft, feminine makeup style. He wants more brands to be seen as gender neutral because, for him, makeup is an art form and a way to express creativity.


Ramsey Aguilera

LA-based Ramsay is all about sharing makeup tutorials and skin care tips on his YouTube channel. As a successful beauty influencer he’s worked with big-name brands such as LA Girl. We’re sure we’ll be seeing more of him, soon!


Miguel Ghalichi

Florida-based makeup artist Miguel sees makeup as art, and believes it should be open to everyone. Miguel is known for his stunning fresh and stylish makeup.

Alexander Rivera

Professional cosmetologist Alexander is also a certified makeup educator. He’s based in Chicago and helps millions around the world look their best with his inspiring YouTube makeup tutorials. Hum… *subscribes.*

Alan Macias

Alan Macias aka Alannized is known for his sexy pout and on-trend, Instagram-ready makeup style. He’s only 18 but already has over 300k followers on Instagram, and runs in demand makeup seminars across the US.


Patrick Starrr

This gorgeous Filipino-American professional makeup artist is friends with fellow male makeup guru, Manny Gutierrez. Wouldn’t you love to listen in on their makeup conversations? Think of the tips!

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