These People Are Having The Worst Day of Their Lives Which Proves Things Can Always Get Worse

We all have bad days. But whether we want to admit it or not, most of us get some sort of wicked enjoyment from seeing someone else having a worst day than we are. So, here are some funny images of people’s misfortune that will have you laughing so hard your sides will hurt. But fair warning. You might feel a tad guilty afterward!


Kids Hose out Coast Guard

During this coast guard demonstration, one of the kids started playing with the fire hose. The pressure was so strong that it ended up knocking the guard off the edge of the dock. Something tells us this kid will get grounded for a month.


Nature’s Acupuncturist

This guy thought it would be a good idea to stick his entire head in a hole in a tree. What he got were a bunch of needles stuck to his head courtesy of a porcupine. On the plus side, he looks so much more relaxed now, doesn’t he?


Damn Autocorrect

This poor guy. This poor, poor guy! We know what he meant to say but he kept messing up over and over, and over again. Sorry, but there’s no way to salvage the situation. Just block their number and go on with your life.


The Major Roomba Fail

This homeowner thought getting a Roomba, one of those robotic cleaners, was a brilliant idea. Then the little cleaning gadget tried, (but totally failed) to clean their puppy’s mess and wound up spreading it all over the house. Yup! Worst day ever, indeed.


Meghan’s So Colorful

Meghan was in the process of mixing a paint can for a customer using a machine at Home Depot. But the lid must have come off and she wound up partially covered in yellow paint. She definitely deserves a raise for not losing her cool!


Careful What You Wish For

Her parents finally gave her the kitten she had been begging for, and you can see the look of joy on her face. But shortly after that, she discovered that she was very allergic to cats and the sadness on her face is heartbreaking…but still kind of funny.


Need a Hand?

This kid’s got a prosthetic arm, which usually works okay. But he didn’t connect the hand to the arm properly, and when he went to grab the fridge door, he found himself missing a very important piece of himself.


What a Cow-Trastrophe

This cow and three of her friends broke into a Montana home and decided to crash there for about a month. But then the owner came back and discovered the guests and a month’s worth of fertilizer.


This Guy Got Ripped

When you let the groom and his friends play like children during a photoshoot, the groom will likely split his pants. Thankfully, his wife was on hand and happy to sew his pants. But this is one story they’ll be telling their grandkids for years to come.


They Missed Their Flight

They were looking for their passport and their ticket. Unfortunately, the flight had to leave without them. The good news is that the owner of these items didn’t leave, so they were probably reunited with their passport.


You Got Dragged

Dogs are people’s best friend until they see a squirrel. When that happens, you either let go of that leash or hang on for dear life. But if you decide to do the latter you better have some solid legs to stand on you might end up all muddy when you land on your backside.

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