These Photos Are Proof That Australia Is a Big Bucket of Nope

Australia is famous for their beaches, their reefs, their accents, and of course, the various exotic wildlife like kangaroos, koalas and the hunky Hemsworth brothers. But these pictures will prove that there are hidden terrors that will freeze your soul. In fact, some of these creepy crawlers will make you want to scratch Australia off your travel bucket list.


Batwing Wants to Hang

Kristy Garbutt

Imagine waking up and seeing this Batwing hanging upside down from outside your window. But you won’t need a cross or Holy water to get rid of this gray-headed flying fox. The Megabat will fly off on his own eventually.


Meet the Huntsman Spider


Despite having the word “hunt” in its name, it’s not poisonous. But it is pretty common in Australian gardens and homes. Plus, these seemingly-creepy creatures keep the cockroach population in check, and they’d make good pets if you can survive the heart attack.


The Olive Python


This animal is known as Western Australia’s largest python and as you can see, its favorite food includes the Australian freshwater crocodile. You almost feel bad for the alligator. But don’t get too close in case it craves humans for dessert. You never know!


This Was Roger Roo


Roger was a kangaroo who gained fame for having an impressive muscular body. In this photo, he went full-on Schwarzenegger with the way he stands and faces the camera. Heck, we’d be proud too if we had that physique! He probably scared quite a few people in his day. But sadly, this beloved creature passed away when he was 12.


Beware the Saltwater Crocodile


This massive crocodile is from Darwin, Australia, and there are more like him in the rivers of this region. This guy’s approximately 6 meters long, which means anyone looking to capture him will probably need a bigger boat.


The Bug on This Kid


The irrational part of your brain will probably tell you to roll on the ground, jump, scream and tug at your shirt until this bug runs for the hill, but they’re actually pretty harmless and tend to tag along for the ride.



The Blanket of Web


It might look like snow, but don’t let your eyes deceive you. Those are giant silken blankets created by spiders. Don’t even bother spraying Raid in the area because one can won’t be enough to stop the horde of creepy crawlers.


Look Before You Sit


Imagine you’re about to take a seat on this toilet and then this snake comes slithering out. They could have called a snake catcher to get it out from under the lip of the bowl, but instead, they smashed the whole toilet. You probably would have done the same.


Watch Out for This Pine Cone


The Araucaria pine cone is a whole lot bigger than a conventional cone and also much deadlier. Rumor has it that it’s taken out a couple of people after falling down on them. But since it doesn’t have legs or fangs you won’t see it coming.


Lizards Takeover Homes

Check out this ginormous lizard! It’s crawling on this wall like it owns the place. Honestly, if you saw this thing, you’d probably want to move and you might not even take your clothes or furniture with you either.

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