This Man Finally Decided to Open a 47-Year-Old Christmas Present from His Ex

Breakups are really hard, even if you’ve only been dating for a few months. But they’re particularly heartbreaking when it’s a serious relationship and your home is filled with their belongings. Every little corner in the house reminds you of them. That’s why a lot of people tend to throw anything that has even a hint of their ex attached to it. However, Adrian Pearce decided that he wasn’t going to get rid of everything. In fact, when his ex-girlfriend was breaking up with him back in 1970, she gave him a mystery box. But Adrian refused to open it…until now.


High School Sweethearts

Vicki Allen and Adrian Pearce dated for two years during their high school years. The sweethearts warmed the hearts of fellow students, but like most things in life, their relationship had to come to an end. Vicki was the one that ended the relationship, and poor Adrian never saw it coming. A 17-year-old Adrian was devastated and really struggled after the breakup. But for some reason, Vicki insisted on giving him a present she had purchased for him. Why? Well, he wouldn’t find that out for a while.



The breakup happened just a short time before Christmas, Adrian’s favorite holiday. Still struggling with accepting the fact that he wouldn’t be spending it with Vicki, he boycotted Christmas that year and decided he wasn’t going to open up any presents, especially the one from Vicki.


Love Prevails

After some time, the broken-hearted learn to love again. And that was exactly the case for Adrian. He fell in love and got married without hesitation. Before he knew it, he had a wife that adored him and a few kids. But he still refused to open the gift and find out what was inside. Every Christmas, he would place Vicki’s gift along with his family’s gifts beneath the Christmas tree.


Not Opening It


As the family got older, they kept wondering why their father would put out a present each year if he wasn’t planning on opening it. “After my family opened their gifts at Christmas, there was still one Christmas gift left and it’s the gift this girl Vicki had given me,” Adrian told Global News Canada.


47 Years Later

After many passing holidays, Adrian’s wife, Valerie became just as curious as anyone who’s reading this story and pushed Adrian to open the dang present already. It was on the 47th year anniversary of Adrian and Vicki’s breakup that he decided it was finally time to find out what was inside.


He Needed To Know


But it wasn’t the way Adrian wanted the gift to be opened, he wanted to open it along with Vicki. So, he took to social media, told everyone his story, and asked if anyone could help him track her down so they could reconnect and open it together.


They Went

Before Adrian knew it, he was able to track Vicki and was on his way on a flight to British Columbia along with his wife Valerie. They were both filled with excitement but also a bit of anxiety. Although it had been 47 years, they still didn’t know what was in the mystery box.


Doesn’t Remember

After meeting up with Vicki on live TV, Adrian was overcome with joy to see his old flame. After catching up for a bit, Vicki soon admitted that she did not remember what was in the box, which created even more suspense.


The Gift

Global News

Vicki recalls purchasing the gift for Adrian and running into a man named Wolf who they were friends with at the time. Wolf kissed her and Vicki kissed him back. This caused Vicki to feel so guilty, she knew she needed to break up with Adrian and 47 years later, here they were.


The Opening

With cameras on them, Vicki began to open the 47-year-old present. As her eyes grew wide, mouth open, Vicki gasped and said there is absolutely no way she was going to give this to Adrian. Adrian begged her to show him and to his surprise, it was a Kim Grove comic book about love.


Not All

“It was a small book called ‘Love Is: New Ways To Spot That Certain Feeling’ with a cartoons and sayings about love. The irony is extreme,” she recalled. In shock, Adrian asked Vicki why she would give him this present if she was planning on breaking up with him. Unfortunately, Vicki doesn’t remember. As they’re having the conversation, Adrian opens the book to take a look inside. That’s when he found a personal note.


The Note And The Book

Toronto Star

Adrian decided to keep the note private, but he wanted to share the rest of their story. He went on to write a book about his experience, life, and heartbreak called, “The 47-Year-Old Present” which you can still get on Amazon. Luckily, Adrian and Vicki feel nothing but love and respect over one another. “I think it’s absolutely fantastic that we’re friends,” he said. “We’re in a fantastic place, where all you can feel is love,” he said.

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