10 Pics That Prove Our Society Is So Dystopic, We’re Starting to Get Scared

When you think of a dystopian future, you imagine a world overrun by zombies or Terminators, destroying everything they come across. But who would have thought that a dystopic society would come in the form of capitalism, racism, and an authoritarian regime that’s, well, a little bit fascist, to say the least? Well, this list is proof that the future is here and it doesn’t look cute.



Twitter / DansMonArbre

There seems to be a lot of arguments over the reason why immigrants don’t belong in the United States, but we need more people like this clever Twitter user who shines a light on who’s really responsible for taking jobs from Americans.


A Broke Graduate

Reddit / JendolsWRGaming

Caleb has a degree in Zoology and asks customers what their favorite animals are when they walk into Starbucks, which is seriously adorable. Then he provides them with animal facts while completing their order. This is both sweet and sad, as Caleb is working as a Starbucks employee despite his college degree.


Blame the Food Stamp Mom

Reddit / Canabinoid

This guy has a great point on how America is full of people who have billions of dollars, but society is still quick to pass judgment on the mom who’s struggling to make ends meet and asking for food stamps to feed herself and her children.


The Darkside of Celeb Charity

Twitter / JAFD74

This is a great example of how celebrities are always getting fans to donate to important causes. But celebs are pretty rich themselves and are probably getting paid to promote the charity instead of donating some of their own money. Something doesn’t quite add up, doesn’t it?


Don’t Call the Kettle Black

Reddit / RelevantSwimmer

News outlets try to make us feel bad about the world’s environmental crisis and force us to change our terrible habits. But as this image suggests, a lot of the companies who are pointing fingers should follow their own advice, given how much they contaminate.


Homeless Child in Distress

Reddit / livfenty

This one’s kind of touching and also sad. Hearing about a child on the streets is heartbreaking. But what kind of society doesn’t allow a teen to be on a transplant list because they’re homeless? This amazing teacher deserves a standing ovation.


Ambulances in America

Twitter / thetrudz

People in other countries freak out when they learn that Americans have to pay tons of money to use an ambulance. It’s kind of insane! Why aren’t people protesting on the streets to make such a vital service free?


Admissions Scandal

Twitter / TalbertSwan

We’ve all heard of the admission scandal with Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman allegedly using bribery so their daughters could attend USC. Most moms would do anything for their kids, but there are moms who aren’t celebs who have done a lot less harmful things for their child’s education and they’re behind bars.


Charged to Hold Her Baby

Reddit / halfthrottle

Hospitals charge a lot for services received after a mom gives birth. But charging a patient for holding her baby sounds insane, even if the fee was under $40. The hospital had no part in this act and shouldn’t have charged her a single penny.


Pay for College Books

Reddit / ContraMuffin

We get that college textbooks are pretty expensive, but imagine donating blood in order to earn enough money to buy books? And you know most college students will use that extra cash earned to buy things like beer.

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