Unbelievable Hotels That Are So Pretty, You’ll Never Want To Leave Your Room

If you’re tired of staying at a traditional hotel like a Holiday Inn, then check out these sensational hotels across the globe. They’re pretty unique and just as adventurous as the cities they’re in. In fact, anyone staying at one of these hotels will probably be tempted to spend more time indoors than go sightseeing.


Free Spirit Spheres

Instagram / @sabstorm

Staying in a spherical treehouse on Vancouver Island, Canada is a once in a lifetime experience. You can commune with nature while you stay in one of their round rooms. The spheres are perched on the trees and it’s a sight to be seen. Walking up the winding staircase is truly magical. Plus, the staff is very friendly.


Fantasyland Hotel

Instagram / @fantasyland_hotel

Located in Edmonton, Canada, the Fantasyland Hotel offers the Luxury Space Room that will trick you into thinking that you’re traveling the stars aboard a spaceship. It’s an excellent experience for all you sci-fi enthusiasts out there.


La Balade des Gnomes

Instagram / @nameless.ju

Visit this quirky hotel in Durbuy, Belgium, and you’ll feel like you’re trapped inside your very own fairy tale. The hotel rooms are decorated with traditional myths, fairy tale decor, and legends from all around the globe.



Instagram / @amangiri

Next time you’re in Canyon Point, Utah, stay at the Amangiri. This hotel looks like it was birthed by the mountain ranges surrounding it. And aside from a vast pool, there are plateaus and dunes surrounding the resort that will make a great background for a selfie.


Cava & Hotel Mastinell

Instagram / @hotelmastinell

Next time you’re in Vilafranca, Spain, make sure to stop by and visit this spectacular hotel. It’s perfect for wine lovers as the establishment is located in the middle of several vineyards. So, you can spend your time touring the winery, smashing grapes with your feet, and even take a wine bath.



Instagram / @treehotel

The Treehotel in Tallberg, Sweden, gives you the chance to feel like a total Martian as you climb up the steps and get into your very own flying saucer. The interior comes complete with typical accommodations, but sadly, this UFO won’t fly, so don’t bother asking for an upgrade.


The Seven Hotel

Instagram / @sleep_in_paris

At this 4-star hotel in Paris, France, you’ll feel like James Bond with all the various little 007-themed knick-knacks that seem to have come out of an Austin Powers film, too. You’ll totally feel like you’re in the movies.


Crane Hotel Faralda

Instagram / @fleksi_ru

Located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, this unique hotel looks just like a regular crane, but as you step inside, it gets even more interesting. The hotel was created from an abandoned crane and has rooms that are fully equipped to accommodate their guests.


Lloyd Hotel

Instagram / @lloydhotel

Also in Amsterdam, Netherlands, is the Lloyd Hotel with its spacious attic-style rooms that come with bathtubs, hammocks, and swings. It’s perfect for newlyweds or regular couples looking to spend quality time with each other.


Thorngrove Manor Hotel

Instagram / @thorngrove_manor

Feel like a King or Queen when you stay at the Thorngrove Manor Hotel in Adelaide, Australia. The rooms have a lavish medieval fairy tale theme to them. Plus, they also include a fireplace which is oh so romantic.


Neemrana Fort Palace

Instagram / @hi_its_gopu

Stay at the Neemrana Fort Palace next time you’re in Neemrana, India. This hotel is a resort on its own. It has a massive pool, gorgeous architecture that reflects its 15th-century heritage and even has hanging gardens and a zip-line!


Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort

Instagram / @beautifulhotels

It’s located in Huzhou, China, and has earned the nickname Donut Hotel because it looks like a large, lit up donut being dipped in the water. The resort comes complete with a café, four restaurants, terraces, a wellness center, and suites that will make you feel like an A-lister.

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