Woman Claims To Breathe Energy And Not Eat Food

There are many people who have created a lifestyle that will amaze others around them. Some have a strict diet plan that motivates the others around them while there are others who have a rigorous workout schedule. And then there is this mysterious woman Audra Bear who claims that air is the only nutrition that we need and that she does not require solid food at all to sustain herself. We cannot imagine a life without solid food but let’s take a look into this woman’s life and understand what made her adopt this lifestyle.

Meet Audra Bear

Audra Bear is a 25-year old woman from Minneapolis, Minnesota who gained a name for herself when she said that she was practicing ‘Breatharianism’. She has nearly 15k followers on Instagram who support her ideas and believe in her. Audra Bear is an online lifestyle coach who is showing people the idea of living life without solid food.


Breatharianism is also known as Inedia and it is a belief where people live without food and even water sometimes. The people who practice this believe that survival is possible by a thing called ‘prana’. Prana is actually a vital source of life in Hinduism and there are many documents and beliefs in Hinduism that say that many saints and hermits practice breatharianism.

Belief In Breatharianism

People who have read about Breatharianism believe that even in the 21st century, it can be the right choice for them, even though there are many scientific facts which state that humans need food and water to survive. Audra Bear is trying to prove these facts wrong and she has used social media to convey the message to the world. She makes everything look so simple and says that it is not dangerous at all.

Starting Her Instagram Profile

Scrolling through her Instagram, anyone will notice that she was not always spreading the word about Prana. Her profile was that of a normal girl with a very normal life. Contrary to her beliefs now, there are many pictures where she is eating normal solid food. She has pictures of herself eating peaches, bananas, cucumbers, lettuce, fruits, and vegetables. In her younger days, she even used to eat ice cream.

Starting On Breatharianism

Audra always claimed that she lead a healthy life but one day, she woke up and decided to make her life even healthier. In January, she started to post pictures and videos of her new life that she had embarked upon with her boyfriend. She claimed that she needed nothing but air and nature to live happily.

Another Social Media Platform

Instagram was not the only social media platform that Audra Bear used in order to promote herself and her ideas. She also started a YouTube channel named Simply Audra Bear and started uploading videos nearly 8 months ago. The first video was about breathing and they showed us how to breathe properly. The comments had been turned off in the videos but it has managed to gain nearly 2k subscribers.

Sharing Inspirational Quotes

On her Instagram account, Audra has shared many quotes and book recommendations that push her followers towards a healthier and better life. If you are looking for a place to get motivated towards a healthier life, you should look no further since Audra has posted many pictures to do just that. She has been showing the world that she is more than just a pretty face.

The Different Ways Of Breathing

If you are unsure of the correct way of breathing, you should go check out Audra Bear’s video. She says that there are four different exercises that can help us with our breathing. The first one is Healing Sounds, which includes six different sounds that you can express with your breath. Audra has explained in detail how to exhale and inhale and give yourself an organ massage. The instructions are quite easy to follow and she is very thorough in her videos.

Fast Breaths & Pranayama

According to Audra, the second exercise is ‘Fast Breaths’, which says that you should breathe fast in five ways. The next exercise is known as Pranayama and it is a popular Yoga exercise. This exercise shows us how to use only one nostril during breathing.

Silent Breaths

The last exercise is known as Silent Breaths and it is the easiest exercise in the video. The session for the Silent Breaths takes about 40 minutes and Audra says that doing this exercise everyday will help your life become better since it will make you stronger and calmer.

Feeling The Need To Give Up Food

Just five days after she had begun with the breathing sessions, Audra Bear felt that she did not need to eat solid food. She was a raw vegan since she believed that it was healthier than meat and she was also trying out various diets to figure out which was the healthiest. She had always loved food and never thought that one day, she would be giving up all the dishes completely. However, Audra credits the breathing exercises to the newly opened chapter in her life.

Pranic Lifestyle

Audra called her new lifestyle Pranic and it is named after the word Prana, which is a synonym of energy in Sanskrit. The thought behind the idea was that we can receive all the energy that we need from the nature around us. Pranic lifestyle revolves around sunshine, nature, and the vibes of the people around us. It focuses on sustaining the body with energy from nature rather than food. This is why, Audra stays away from solid foods and relies on the air that she breathes in for energy.

The Longest Fast

Adopting the new lifestyle meant that Audra had started the longest fast of her life. She stayed 97 days without eating solid food. All she had was air that she inhaled and tea, juice, or smoothies. She lost five pounds in the process and claimed that she felt more energetic and happier than ever. She also says that she was more clear as far as her mental state went than she had ever been in her life.

All The Answers That You Need

In order to answer all the questions that people might have about her lifestyle, Audra Bear recorded a QnA video with her boyfriend and posted it on YouTube. Her boyfriend is also a supporter of the ‘We don’t need solid food’ movement. The two of them enjoy breathing, dancing, sunbathing, having conversations, laughing, and making money. They say that chewing food is only one option and that there are other things that can also provide us with nourishment.

Explaining Her Diet

Audra said in the video that she only drinks herbal teas, coconut water, and smoothies because she has learnt to live her life without feeling hungry. She says that eating is a bad habit and that people eat to define themselves. This leads us to the question that do we really feel hungry or do we just eat food because that is what we were taught as kids?

An Emotional Thing

Audra associated her fasting with an extremely emotional and overwhelming experience. She says that because she has more energy by fasting, she has learnt to rediscover herself every day. She claims that some days, she feels so overwhelmed with emotions that she does not know what to do with them. The couple does not feel any urge to eat because they have busied themselves with breathing, creating, and playing. One of the favorite pastimes of the couple is to look and smell different foods just for the experience.

Describing Her Typical Day

As Audra said previously, breathing has to be done in a specific way so that the air around you can be your nutrition. This is why, Audra starts her day with a 45 minute session of conscious slow diaphragmatic breathing. After this intense breathing exercise, she does yoga, sunbathes, more breathing exercises, and then a little time with nature. All this is what provides her with the cosmic energy for sustenance. In order to tell others and inspire them with her lifestyle, Audra travels a lot and gains more energy from the vibes of other people. She would eat solid food occasionally but only when she is at family gatherings.

Making Her Own Juice

Another useful thing that Audra teaches is how to make your own juice. She has a tutorial on how to make watermelon juice right at home. All you need to do is chop the watermelon, put the slices in the blender, turn on the blender, and there you have it, watermelon juice.

Mantra Of Living

Audra lives by a mantra that ‘The more you breathe, the less you need.’ Her aim in life is to inspire the people around her to live a healthy life. However, her definition of health is a bit debatable. Even so, she is proud of her work and she is able to convince the people around her to accept her idea of breatharianism, which she says is a spiritual and physical journey. Audra believes that most of the people are not connected to their bodies because they do not breathe properly.

Emotions And Thoughts

Audra says that our emotions are not just thoughts in our minds but they are physical things that we store in our body. She believes that people eat because they do not know how to deal with the emotions. This shows why we eat ice cream when we are deeply disturbed or when we are dealing with the matters of the heart.

Learn To Breathe With Her

On her website, Audra has a wonderful opportunity for everyone. She allows people to have a breathing session with her. You can choose from three options and each of them depend on the money that you are ready to pay. Your body will allegedly heal along with your mind throughout the sessions and you will learn to release the tension and stress in your body.

40 Days Of Cleanse

One of the programs that Audra offers on her website is ’40 days of cleanse’. This is the ultimate nutrition program that allows you to remove the toxins in your body and saves you time. It also provides you with an opportunity to make your body the healthiest version of yourself. All the products in the regime are organic and all the supplements are provided within the regime as well. All this comes at a price of around $400.

Breatharian Levels

Audra says that it is possible to live on air and without food or water but she has not personally gone that far. She says that there are four levels of Breatharianism, the first being that people become aware of the Pranic energy. The second level is for the people who are ready to go on extended fasts.

Third And Fourth Levels

The third level of Breatharianism is for the people who seldom drink and eat, mostly during the social occasions where you are obliged to eat and drink. The last and the extremest level is for the people who have truly and completely given up on food and water, and live their lives by just breathing. There are only a handful of people who live by the fourth level of Breatharianism.

Audra’s Journey

Audra is picky about the food that she eats and she is always on the lookout for the perfect diet. She is all about reduction and she takes away one thing at a time when she feels that she does not need any of them in her life. She started by stopping the consumption of animal products. After that, it was cooked food, then it was solid food. Now her diet consists only of liquid food.

Confession On The Radio

When The Edge interviewed Audra Bear, she explained that she hardly eats any food but then once every now and then, she has her cheat days. She has maintained her weight and hasn’t felt hunger in nine months. She is regular with her breathing exercises everyday.

Not A Bad Role Model

With eating disorders becoming common, it is important to view Audra’s life as a wake-up call. While we do not have to adopt a Breatharianism lifestyle, we can certainly cut out the bad things in our lives. Do you think that it is dangerous to promote a thing like Breatharianism in today’s life?

Advice For All

Scientists say that one should not follow a Breatharian diet since it is not scientifically possible to survive just on air. A doctor says that if you follow a Breatharian life, death would come quicker than it would otherwise have.

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