If The World Was As Children See It, It Would Be Fascinating

The World We Know Seen From a Child’s Eyes Dom is barely 6 years old and as most children he loves drawing. Up to here everything is pretty normal. That is up until his dad took as his task to create digital versions of each of his kid’s sketches, creating a pretty unusual but fascinating world.

According To Dom, This Is What His Dad Looks Like

Here's a drawing I've done of my Dad I've drawn him just right so I hope he's not sad #kidsdrawing #thingsihavedrawn #dad #daddy

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And This Is What He Would Look Like In Real Life

Dad sometimes tries to grow a beard It's mainly just bumfluff so looks a bit weird #kidsdrawing #thingsihavedrawn #dad #daddy

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They both have and Instagram account where thanks to Dom’s drawings and Dad’s editions, the have more than 6,000 followers. People have been amazed results of this fun teamwork.
Maybe Dom’s dad should send his design to Moyupi, to get it printed in 3D