You Won’t Believe What This Woman Who Was Raised By Monkeys Has To Say

If you have read or watched The Jungle Book or Tarzan. While these stories seem like complete fiction, however, there is this remarkable story of a girl who was raised by monkeys in the Columbian jungle. Marina Chapman is a Columbian-born British woman who claims she was left stranded in the Columbian jungle as a child. We promise you this is one of the craziest stories in the world!

Who Is Marina Chapman?


Marina Chapman was born approximately in 1950 in the Columbian village whose name she was too little. She has no recollection of her parents or her life before she was kidnapped at the age of five.

It Is Truly A Believe It or Not Story



It has been speculated that she is suffering from false memory syndrome and that she invented the monkey story in order to deal with her traumatic childhood. Truth or fiction – judge for yourself!

She Reached The Point of No Return



Marina was seemingly a happy child, living a normal life with her parents. When she was only 5 years old, she wandered around the house.

She Was Kidnapped


She noticed two adults coming up to her. The next thing she remembers is a cloth covering her mouth and nostrils and everything immediately went dark. When she woke up, she was in the trunk of a car driving her far away from her parents and home.

She Was Left All Alone


While being driven in the car trunk, she could hear other children crying. The car stopped and the kidnappers dropped Marina in the middle of the jungle all alone and drove away. The five-year-old was left alone in the jungle.

Marina Learns To Survive


Marina thought that the kidnappers or someone else would come back and save her from the merciless jungle. Unfortunately, she spent days crying and she lost all hope and finally turned on the survival mode.

She Started Fending for Herself



After a few days, Marina was on her own and she needed to fend for herself if she wanted to survive.

She Adjusted To The New Normal



Marina had now found a place to sleep, a shelter to hide from animals and bad weather, and food to survive. She slept in the holes in the ground and ate plants.

She Did Not A Warm Welcome From Fellow Humans


One day, while Marina was wandering the jungle, she came across a native village but the natives were not as welcoming as Marina hoped. Having no communication, the villagers got scared of the child and threw stones at her in order to chase her away.

She Stole Scraps From The Village For Eating


Nonetheless, she was hiding from the natives during the day but when night fell she would creep out of her shelter and collect the food scraps and leftovers the villagers had thrown away.

How She Escaped Death


Unfortunately, Marina ate a tamarind plant and Marina suffered terrible food poisoning. She fell on the ground, shrieking in immense pain, but she somehow managed to survive. After that she was rescued by a British biologist who adopted her as his granddaughter and they moved forward in life where she eventually became human, married and started her family life.


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