10 Amazing Designers Who Created the Coolest Eco-Friendly Things Ever

Usually, when a designer comes up with a new highway or an underpass, its construction winds up wrecking everything around it. But these designers are so amazing because they created spectacular things that made life easier for humans without disrupting the eco-system around them.

Animal Bridges in Singapore

cheekyasian / Reddit

Oh, sure! Singapore has highways. But animals don’t have to risk their lives trying to cross the busy roadway thanks to this amazing animal bridge full of shrubs and trees.

National Geographic Wrapped in Paper

Benjurphy / Reddit

This National Geographic magazine came wrapped in papers instead of plastic to help combat the growing threat of plastic pollution. Whoever decided to do this deserves a major promotion.

Tree in the Restaurant

Figueira Rubaiyat / Tripadvisor

The designers of this restaurant could have cut that massive tree down. But instead, they got crafty and built around it. In the process, they managed to balance functionality and aesthetics, too.

Fire Hydrant with Fountain features

TrumpetLife69 / Reddit

This fire hydrant may help stop a fire someday. But it was designed to end a dog’s thirst right now. The hydrant also doubles as a drinking fountain at this local park.

Trash Bin with Bottle Holders

Drop-a-Titan-on-it / Reddit

This trash bin has holders on the outside to make it more convenient for people to put their empty bottles in. This makes it easier for homeless people to collect them instead of digging into the trash and making a mess.

Water Fountain with Nifty Indicator

Lolersaurus / Reddit

Not only can you drink from this water fountain, but you can refill your water bottles too. And as a bonus, it has a digital indicator that tells you how the fountain has helped eliminate waste from disposable plastic bottles so far.

Water Taps Hydrate Plants

halfandhafu / Reddit

No one wastes a single drop of water at this café thanks to the fact that they put plants directly under the water taps. That way, the plants will benefit from any drops that miss the inside of the glass.

A Playground Supported by Trees

WasIsMitDenKohlen / Reddit

Instead of buying lumber from a hardware store to build this playground in Dortmund, Germany, designers decided to use the actual trees as a support system. This allowed kids to have fun without upsetting Mother Nature’s balance.

Turtle Tunnels Under Railroad Tracks


The construction of this railroad track in Japan would have been detrimental to the survival of these turtles. But the designers made a special crossing under the rails so they can walk through without sustaining any injuries.

Red Crab Bridge Crossing

Park Australia / Instagram

Christmas Island in Australia is currently home to the only red crab bridge crossing in the world. This allowed humans to build a road under it without disrupting the creatures’ natural migration.

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