14 Most Offensive Halloween Costumes That You Should Ignore Wearing

Oops! You should definitely stay away from trying these on.

Halloween is meant to be cool, creative and a lot of fun. Every year we see dozens of Halloween costumes that make us go “WTF?” but aren’t creative costumes the best part about Halloween? Celebrities have already shown us a lot of their sexy creations. The costumes are no doubt clever but wearing them in real life will be a problem. You cannot just wear a skimpy looking outfit and run wild outside, asking for candy. It would be weird, right? Some Halloween costumes take it too far and even become racist, sometimes too sensitive and raunchy Here is a list of such Halloween costumes that are downright offensive and inappropriate. If you like reading such articles, you should give this a read too: 13 Times Restaurants Tried Too Hard To Be Creatively Cool!

Scroll down to check out the most offensive Halloween costumes of all time:

1. Being a Dream Catcher!  Stay away from costumes that may generalize a culture in particular.
2. Sexy shooter: Targetting the Mexican culture This dress might come out to be too exaggerated and exploit the Mexican culture.
3. The Arab Sheik Costume This costume draws false stereotypes of Middle Eastern culture.
4. Golden Geisha, WHOOPS! Well, we all know who Geisha are, but aren’t they traditionally strong? One should not wear a costume that mimics another culture.
5. The Rasta Costume Kit Think twice before trying this costume.
6. Dia De Los Beauty If you are not Mexican, it will be offensive for you to dress up in the Day of the Dead costume.
7. The inflatable Ballerina Although, it is fun to try this costume out but try to avoid costumes that may be interpreted as body shaming.
8. The Droopers ensemble This costume targets women on a large scale. The costume is ageist and body shaming to women all around the world.
9. Some reality star in the making! Like this costume that shouts Kylie Jenner, pregnant at 20 is counted as body shaming too.
10. The Snake Charmer costume The costume clearly is inappropriate and disturbing, especially for the Middle Eastern culture.
11. The sexy convict The costume trivializes the present US prison system.
12. The restrained convict The restrained convict reinforces misconceptions about the US prison system and how exploiting it is.
13. The Hobo Nightmare costume Why would you make fun of a homeless person on the streets?
14. The Harambe costume Dressing up as the animal that was controversially killed in 2016 would be offensive.

Written by Cheryl John

A storyteller with a passion for all that is fun, heartwarming, neat & controversial.