This Couple Started Dating Thanks To Twitter And Now They’re Engaged

OMG! Nothing can be compared to this adorable love story

Online platforms are known for being notorious, bringing people down, mocking them or even floating memes everywhere. But sometimes, just sometimes, there are stories that make their way to become an epitome of your GOALS. Twitter, as a matter of fact, is surprisingly good at making matches. We have seen a lot of examples online, haven’t we? We know you might have friends who found their true match online. Such is the story of this couple, who met online on Twitter, became friends and had a fairytale wedding.

The story is goals; a love story that started on Twitter and ended with a beautiful wedding.

Maddie Jo, a Twitter user was quite a regular user of the online platform. She knew the power of the social networking site.  It all goes back to July 2015 when Madison O’Neill needed a date for a wedding and she looked forward to her trusted source; Twitter.
To her surprise, she got a reply right within a few hours. Her new date was Chuck Dohrmann. Well, he wasn’t exactly a stranger but her schoolmate. They went to High School together. 
Despite Madison not so interested opinion of him, he fell in love with her.  When he saw her tweet, asking who could accompany her to a wedding, he quickly jumped and said, ” I will.”
Meet Chuck Dohrmann
Turns out he was working the next day but he took a sick leave for the lady.  But he did not let it get in the way of the date. He called in sick and they went out.  Three years later she tweeted, “Crazy how things work out.”
Shouldn’t Twitter sponsor a cake? 
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Written by Cheryl John

A storyteller with a passion for all that is fun, heartwarming, neat & controversial.