29 Struggles That Will Make You Feel Like A 90’s Kid Again

Kids today definitely have no idea how easy things are for them. We mean when we were kids or let’s call us the 90’s kid, we didn’t have smart phones and iPads to entertain ourselves. And we are pretty sure that the kids today will be saying the same for the kids tomorrow. It has been happening since the dawn of time.

There were a lot of things that we used to do as kids and miss doing now. And then there were these struggles that we went through every day; the ones we can barely think of doing now. Here we have a list of such things that might help you recall all those struggles again. See if any of these remind you of your childhood.

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Let’s scroll through the list of struggles that will make you feel like a 90’s kid again.

1. All that hard work just to say hello. 

2. Struggle to find that one CD that you want to hear. 

3. When a phone and an iPod were two different things.

4. www for every work as 90′ kids. 

5. All that wait just to see what’s on TV. 


6. Watching movies on two VHS tapes. 

7. Netflix used days to go live. 

8. Print directions to use when going somewhere new. 

9. All that strength to pull the window down. 

10. Taking tons of pictures and then getting them printed. 


11. Go through a maze of files to find that one file. 

12. When conserving energy when running out of battery was the only way. 

13. Skipping a hundred songs to get to that one favorite song. 

14. When waiting for a file to download took ages and millenniums. 

15. Remember when there were no touch phones? 


16. Putting in a tape to listen to songs.

17. When rewinding was such a pain. 

18. Writing on Facebook walls to have a simple conversation. 

19. Waiting! When waiting was the only thing to do. 

20. Every time someone picked up the phone. 


21. When data was the biggest fear and cost a fortune. 

22. No Snapchat but VHS was the only way to scare people. 

23. Channel 3 and the nightmare. 

24. Praying for the DJ. 

25. Free calls and messages. 


26. Opening phone was a trouble because the memory was always full. 

27. Waiting all day to check Facebook. 

28. When there were lamps for the gamer boys. 

29. Using a TV to watch TV. 

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