40 Unique Cat Fur Markings That Will Leave You In Tumbles

Cats are adorable creatures that need a special kind of care since they might not be outwardly affectionate. They are quite cute and their fur sometimes have cool markings that make them unique in their own way. Here are some of the most adorable furry creatures with unique cat fur markings that you will not have seen before.

Adorable Number One

Just look at this adorable cat with the number one mark right between its eyes. This cat is evidence that cats really are the best pets that you can have. While they may not show you their love constantly, they are there when you need them the most.

That Questioning Look

Cats are naturally curious creatures that will hop on to anything that they do not understand. Perhaps their curiosity is why the saying goes like “Cat out of the Bag”. These eyebrows make it seem like this particular cat is questioning every move that you make and she is constantly judging you for who you are.

Cat On A Cat

How often have you seen a cat on the face of another cat? The fur on this feline’s nose is shaped just like a cat and it goes on to show that nature has a strange way of projecting humor. Also, the eyes of this particular kitty seem to be a tad bit dangerous. She looks to be on the verge of exploding with anger over people making fun of her nose.

The Foodie Cat

This particular kitty has gained a lot of fame on the internet for being the Cinnamon Roll Cat. It would be a real treat to see this one eating up a Cinnamon roll. Some might even call it a form of cannibalism.

When You Are So Surprised That…

Have you ever been so surprised that the rear end of your body starts to look like an exclamation point? This cat must put a lot of emphasis on all her actions with an exclamation at the end of everything, with her body leaving the area.

When Two Eyes Are Not Enough

Cats are curious enough that they wish to know everything. They want to see everything and you will always know that there is something interesting going on when your cat is lurking around. This one wanted to see more than others which is why she developed two more eyes out of her fur.

The Lovers Of Geometry

Mathematics was your least favorite subject in High School right? I know it was mine. This tabby, on the other hand, seems to love geometry given the fact that she has developed a triangle right on her torso.

Going With The Trend

Handlebar moustaches are quite hipster and this cat seems to be keeping up with the trends of the millennial age. The owners of this furry creature should dress him up all in denim and then give it a dash of handsome with a trendy eyewear.

An Techy Design

Colored like a marble, this grumpy looking cat should be cast as an alien cat in sci-fi movies. The hypnotizing fur is enough to make your head spin from looking too long at it.

Pretty Little Lashes

Ignoring what looks to be between her eyes, this cat really has some of the prettiest eyebrows that look like they have been drawn by a perfectionist makeup artist.

Bringing In The Class

Top Hats really do bring in class to the room and whenever this white angel trots into the room, all eyes turn to him. The look is quite dapper. Just do not expect it to pull a rabbit out of the hat.

When People Call You Fake

With a pure white face like that, the ears on this one look to be fake. It looks like she is wearing the cat ears like the ones women wear when they dress up as kittens for Halloween.

A Better Look Than Most Of My Friends

This is one of the most handsome cats that you will see on this list. With eyebrows and a moustache like that, he should audition for the part of the pet of a Bond villain. I bet he is planning the end of the world in his mind.

Tom, Is That You?

Tom and Jerry is one of the best animated TV shows out there. There have been many times when Tom got his face blackened with soot when Jerry got the better of him with bombs or crackers. This cat looks like he went through the same ordeal.

The Perfect Heart

Remember how we imagined that the human heart looks like when we were kids? This cat forms the that perfect heart shape when it curls up. Also, is that gonads on its head?

Loving The Boop On The Nose

The heart-shaped fur on the nose might be a sign that the cat loves light touches on its nose. The big eyes just look adorable and you just want to hug her without letting go.

Another Heart On The Side

If there is one thing that is more adorable than a cat, it is a kitten. If there is anything that is more adorable than a kitten, it is a kitten with a heart on its side.

The Cat Of Harry Potter

Meet Kitty Potter, the one who survived the hex by Lord Voldemort. The lightning bolt fur markings make it the perfect for the fans of Harry Potter.

Constantly Surprised

With the darker fur around its mouth, this cat looks to be in a constant surprise mode. You could use the image of this cat to depict your surprise in group chats if you want.

A Full Moustache

A lot of cats seem to have adopted the moustaches and the companies making the products for men’s moustaches are worried. They want to know if they can expand their product lines to include moustache care for cats too.

Having The Heart In The Right Place

Meet Luna. Her owners say that she can be a real jerk at some times but one look at her and you can totally say that she has a big heart. Perhaps, her owners just need to penetrate the wall of defence and get to know her better.

The Warrior

People have a habit of naming their cats after knights. If there was ever a cat that deserved a warrior name, it is this one. He always carries a sword on his back. He could even be named Excalibur.

Choco Chip Cookie

Nature has a curious sense of humor. It made this cat fat and then gave it a cookie fur marking on its stomach. Now we all know how the kitty got so much fat in her.

Joker’s Cat

Not all cats are visibly happy all the time. Take into example the Grumpy Cat who got famous simply because of its grumpy look. This cat is quite the opposite. The happy kitten loves to show everyone his happiness with the big smile on its back.

Heart On The Butt

The butt is a weird place to have a heart mark but this cat looks like it can pull it off. Let’s just hope that she is not all about kinky fetishes.

Goth And Girly

With all the black fur, a pink nose really does stand out. The bringer of darkness is also girly when it wants to be.

A Hipster Goatee

Cats seem to love the hipster look which is why here is another cat who got a hip goatee. We wonder if he and the other hipster cat are friends on some social network.

When You Have To Spell it Out

Cats were named right and there is no more confusion about it. This cat has the word Cat spelled on its side in order to remove all the arguments on the table about it.

Mein Furrier?

Hitler was one of the most infamous person in the history of mankind. However, he was also one of the greatest orators to ever live. This cat embodies the spirit of the Chancellor with the fur that makes it look like Hitler.

With A Broken Heart

With all the hearts that have made it on the fur of the cats, here is one with a broken heart. Let’s just hope this kitty gets back on the horse.

Broken Into Fours

If you are ever faced with a choice of going for one colour, two colours, or four colours, which would you choose? Well, this cat chose the last option and her face is broken into four quarter of different colours.

Purrfectly Divided

The coolest looking cat has made an entrance into the list. With a face perfectly divided into two colours, this cat could be the inspiration behind Sia’s choice of masks and hair colour.

She Is Worried For You

The fur eyebrows of this kitty suggest that she is too worried about its owner. It could be because she is owned by a cat lady who does not have a lover in her life.

Cat On A Cat’s Back

If this cat ever needed a best friend, she has got one right on its back. They say that even your shadow leaves you in the dark but this particular cat is never going to be alone.

Going Up

The arrowhead on the cat’s head will come in handy if you ever want to point directions. All you have to do is pick up the cat and then point its head the right way.

Robbing A Bank?

The bandit mask on the cat’s face is too cool. It looks like she is planning to commit a crime in which she does not want people or other cats to know her true identity.

Kitty Two-Face

If Harvey Two-Face from Batman ever had a pet, it would look a lot like this little kitty right here. His entire face, even his moustache, is divided into two colours.

Why So Serious?

It seems like all the characters from Batman have inspired the fur of cats all around the world. The cat has a really big smile on his face and not with his mouth.

The Bat Cat

The hero that Gotham deserves makes his entrance too to the list. Why should the Dark Knight lag behind when all the Batman villains got their own styled cats?

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