9 Things About Waking Up And Being Unable To Move – Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis is one of the scariest things that can happen to a person and there is nothing that you can do about it with your conscious mind. If you have ever experienced sleep paralysis then you will connect with this and if not you will now know what’s going on when it does.

You feel like you woke up dead.

Your mind wakes up, but your body doesn’t, so you basically feel trapped inside of your body unable to move. Most people that have experienced this think that they woke up dead.

It happens when you wake up after already falling asleep.

This happens during one of the two transitions while in your natural sleep cycle. When you enter into REM your body must eventually come out of it, but sometimes your body has difficulty making the transition.

Hallucinations are frequent during sleep paralysis.

People have experienced nightmares during sleep paralysis yet they are awake. The mind is very alert and your eyes are open. Some have reported that the hallucinations experienced are terrifying ones so real they have a hard time telling if it’s true or not.

Most people are not able to wake up during sleep paralysis.

Most people cannot get themselves to wake up so you just have to wait until it’s done.

This is something that happens naturally and you may end up experiencing this.

Sleep paralysis can happen to anyone. Most experience this at least one time in their life. They may not even know that they did.

If you are not getting enough sleep you are more likely to experience it.

Research has shown that people who are always having a hard time getting a good sleep schedule end up experiencing it more.

There have been many who have tried to explain what happens.

The Persians talked about it in early medical texts and since then people have considered demons, aliens, sleep palsy, and many other things that cause sleep paralysis.

When it happens it feels like something is sitting on your chest.

Which explains this painting.

You cannot die from this.


At least there is one good thing.

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