This Island Is Filled With Rabbits Waiting to Smother You

Welcome to Bunny Paradise!

Okunoshima is a tiny island located in South Japan and many locals call this island “Usagi Shima” which means “rabbit”. This makes absolute sense when you realise it is inhabited by tons of these furry creatures.

Legend says these bunnies are descendants of rabbits used in World War II, to test mustard gas and other types of chemical weapons. This is just a theory and we hope it’s not true.

The truth is that in the present this island is filled with wild rabbits and they are free and happy to smother you with love if you visit them. They are super sociable and love being around people.

These pictures will totally convince you to make Okunoshima your next destination if you want to have a trip filled with bunny love.

These bunnies are used to being around people.

This island has become a formal tourism destination. It has a hotel, a museum and even a golf course.

Additionally, the Sakura or cherry blossom tree is local to this island and it adds magic to the landscape.

A Sakura, a bunny and a carrot! This image describes Okunoshima perfectly!


When humans come near them, they immediately look for a carrot, some seeds or fruit. And when they get it, they are really thankful.

Seems as if this girl is being tickled by the bunny.

Hey you human! Come close! I can give you couple kisses. Look at my cute nose.

This guy is awesome.

The bunnies are super friendly. We would rather feed them with our hand but this guy feeds them with his mouth. It’s amazing that they come so close to humans, as if they had been trained!

I always eat my greens.


There are so many of them!

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This video gives us and idea of how many bunnies live in this island. This girl has some food and she is being followed by a little herd of rabbits.

These are some photos of the supposed plant where bunnies were used for testing in WWII.

Even if these last pictures don’t inspire much the rest of the island is pretty magnificent!

As you can see, there are spots with magnificent views of flowers and the sea. Even in the winter the island is outstanding.

What in the passed used to be an island associated with destruction, nowadays is a beautiful paradise. A bunny paradise!




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